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SUGGESTION: Book Choices for better Book combination system

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  • SUGGESTION: Book Choices for better Book combination system

    This is to make us get our own books a bit easier in combining....

    First thing is the RANDOMNESS stays the same, but when we try combine books there's a choice there to which CONTINENT BOOK would we want our combination outcome be.
    And choices would be 4th Continent, 5th continent and 6th continent (and so on for the upcoming updates).

    Ex. If i combine 6 rare (any lvl may it be 50 or 57) books upon clicking the combine button, there will be a message that will pop out and ask which book continent would we want the outcome be before it starts combining.

    With this I think it would increase (at least a bit) the chance for us to obtain our book because as server grows, more updates, lesser chance for us to acquire our own books.


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    I don't think Webzen will implement such suggestion because their interest is to make players use the Cash Shop. I already made several suggestions before in the following links:

    Upgrade System

    Categorical System

    Game Guide


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      yea.. this topic come over again n again.. i also created topic like this be4... nothing will change i guess?


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        but i still really would appreciate if there's some changes like this to reduce the randomness


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          We should have choice for which class we want get books. Actually skill books system is totaly crap. 0% chance to get books for our class if we don't have 12 other to farm 24/7. Ofc exclude donators -.-


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            I would prefer something which wont affect much but will help alot maybe.
            If you combine fighter books only then you will get fighter books from combination too. Same with other classes, why?
            Because there are many people that use all subclasses of 1 class (like, having a taoist, elementalist, illusionist, reaper, demonisher, etc)
            That would reduce the skill book combination randomness by 80%.


            • Seraphiel
              Seraphiel commented
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              This could be implemented later once all future classes are out because, for now, we only have 3 mystic subclasses which will benefit more from such system more than other classes. I don't think Webzen would go for that option since hey made Skill books as part of end game content. They won't make it easy unless they force players to use real money. A good example was Valkyrie Skill book sale event.

            • PhantomGirl
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              Sad reality ... #QQ