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Some words about Bardiel Seal (Extreme stage)

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  • Some words about Bardiel Seal (Extreme stage)

    Since the day God calling hell drop rare and perfect skillbooks and Nightmare came with the nightmare set, I hardly see anyone go Bardiel seal anymore, [Jin] sets are forgotten, low chance of opening rare skillbook from Unknown Skillbook is one of the biggest problem. In order to lower the price of GC hell piece, and draw people back to Bardiel Seal, I have a suggestion: increase the chance of getting rare skillbook from Unknown Skillbook, no more common grade from it, add a small chance off getting perfect skillbook to it. (about 60% magic, 35% rare and 5% perfect). I think that may help bring people back to Bardiel. If there is no people go Bardiel Seal then why you made Bardiel Ticket drop so many in Sarad dungeons while no box in Okapian drop GChell piece?

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    I agree, Bardiel nowadays is nothing but a waste of stamina ._. it needs a revamp.


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      80% Rare and 20% Perfect is good enough to encourage people do Bardiel runs. No more common or magic grade books. Yeah, it seems that I'm asking a lot here, but don't forget that all books are RANDOM and people always look for the best which is getting perfect books.

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      • FrostQueen
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        , I was thinking the same at first. But there is no way WZ gonna make it that easy. I doubt they would do anything to Bardiel anytime soon. But deep down I hope they'll listen for once.

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      It's frankly insulting for how challenging Bardiel Seal is to drop books that aren't Rare or Perfect grade. Normal book up to the Rebeccas, really? That you'd be better off soloing GC Hell for books at the lvl Bardiel Seal becomes accessible (especially with enhanced Perfect lvl 60 weapon and armor) really says something about the books mechanics in the latter needing a revamp.

      For how RNG-based the whole book system is, making Bardiel Seal hard isn't by itself rewarding enough to merit running it even once at this point, I'm sad to say.


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        I like this idéa, remove the chance of getting common from it! make it only magic, rare and small chance for perfect in it! Since atm only bardiel drop perfect! And for some unknown reason I get DC EVERYTIME Bardiel dies, I can run full run totally smoothly but the second he dies, BAM DC! I have no chance to obtain the books I need in perfect -_- I missed out 2 of them already cause of this DC issue -_-, so atm I can only obtain them by being extremly lucky from combination system which we all know is pretty randomnized -_-! so this idea, I like! Webzen! Read this, and start workin'!


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          You want a revamp? Hehe. I have nothing against it I have my own ways to get what I want books being excluded because farming Extreme now, only people who thinks of themselves as "to OP" does it and the guys who are low geared are taken out of the question. Let's not forget that 75% of the classes have high star grade in Extreme, which is a complete crap this star rating system because it's killing the other classes.

          Here is where Webzen only fav. Illu, ranger, guard, and sometimes warden. So before you want a "revamp" think first about the people who can't do Extreme because either of the star rating or because people do not want to take them to teach and show them or because they are to "poor" to get a op gear.

          Btw if you want a revamp. Tell Webzen to:

          - Cut the star rating system which like a said before is a complete crap;
          - make it more pleasent to the low geared people = Not the same diff. where a player that has a +9 gets the same diff. as a +15 player. (If you know what I mean)

          And many more. Change this dungeon and make it more pleasant for other low geared people. Not making accesible where only high geared people are like gods and when a low geared guy wants help in that dungeon he is refused by the following phrase: "I don't party with low geared people".

          BTW. Webzen you want to win the MMOSite contest gl with that. Because you will never win it. The game play sux, the balance of classes and dungeons sux as well, PvP is a wtf thing, there is no strategy in killing a boss(EX: Extreme mode boss Bardiel - Strategy = complete crap), and many more. Change it and maybe in the near future you will get your deserve place as a winner of that contest. C9 will never win this contest. EVAR.

          PS: don't come at me saying: "A well there is a balance of classes, PvP is fun and balanced and so on so forth". Because I will not care. I know what I am saying. So GG


          • FishTank
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            Bribing people with dim event will win the contest, no doubt.

          • Rasetsumaru
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            Yes they won't win without bribing.

          • FrostQueen
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            Have you ever been too Bardiel Seal before? Name me one Shadow, Slayer, Assassin or any "PvP orientation" class player who knows their class's skill, knows how and when to use I'frame that can't make it through the Twins in Bardiel Seal? I really want to know. Compare to those classes i've mentioned above, Elementalist is less Iframe skill and no escaping still they can deal much damage at close range, not stand far and spam skills (like many "I-know-how-to-play-my-class" does). It's not about low gear either, i'm not one of those god gears player (because +9 sarad weapons on my warden, or +11 sarad staff on my Ele are not OP) and trust me I know how a party with low-geared players do in Bardiel. They have +15 weapons, they can make it fast, we have lower gears, me make it slower. Knowing the bosses, knowing when to strike, when to back off, knowing your skills and what they can help are all you need to make it throgh Bardiel Seal. And for the last boss Bardiel himself, we need a good network connection too .

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          Yeah, with so many Dim tickets, doing bardiel is basically useles...

          Webzen, wanna make ur Bardiel popular again? let the hell sets to be used as Remodeling pieces and make them ACCOUNT BIND (and i say account bind cause i know some special snowflakes are going to be against making em unbounded), no char bind, that's stupid
          Reduce the remodeling fee (its insanely high and nowaday NOBODY HAS GOLD)

          Make a Living Hell Hard mode of Bardiel with stronger Jin Sets as rewards, maybe weaker than the V set BUT with something special like a different combo set that makes em worthy or some other reward

          Make the Unknown Books to give Rare/Perfect grade books, you spam the Dim Tickets desperately anyway, so why not?
          Waiting for the game going back to their roots~


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            Without making sure the books that drop there have 100% chance of being Rare or Perfect, there's no real reason to do Bardiel as it is. It's not worth dealing with its difficutly if all you get is Common or Magic books: the bad rewards don't warrant the challenge. No wonder it's next to impossible to find a good party for that stage nowadays.


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              The main issue is that some classes are only good at PVP and doesn't perform any well at PVE. Therefore, it's an EXTREMELY difficult dungeon that only rewards classes who are good at PVE. I think there should be class rebalance and also make Bardiel only drop rare and perfect books as Seraphiel says.