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[Suggestion] More features to the Cash System

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  • [Suggestion] More features to the Cash System

    Note: Before you start raging on my topic, I’d like to ask from to give constructive feedback instead of using inappropriate language or show some toxic responses about me or my topic

    We know that C9 is a free to play MMORPG that allows players to enjoy free contents of this game. We have rights not to pay for their service unlike in some other games which require from people to either subscribe monthly or a one-time pay to play.

    In order for C9 to sustain its existence, there has to be some kind of income for Webzen to spend some of it on developing and improving the game. However, the current system lacks some features, which I believe if they were added, would make using cash shop and purchasing wcoin less frustrating especially to those who use real money in order to buy exclusive stuff from the cash shop. One, of the features that I believe would make what people like to call them ‘cashers’ is to give them some kind of extra features for them to have every time they break a certain record of payment. Something that I’d call it a Perk System. Perk system gives players some permanent bonuses e.g. fixed increase in daily/weekly stamina and number of survival tickets. This way, players will get some sort of incentive for them to continue enjoying C9.

    Another point that I’d like to add is something similar to the R8 coins in which you exchange them for some other cash shop items, but this is for Gold Coffer. I’d guess very few people buy this coffer because it is full of random stuff that doesn’t meet cashers needs. So, my suggestion is to add special coins that can be collected from Gold Coffers and exchange them for a unique accessory. Of course, the number of coins shouldn’t be that low because unique accessories should still be difficult to get but achievable with 100% certainty. At least, cashers will feel less frustrated, and also other non-paying players can benefit from this feature as they can still trade gold or items for Gold Coffers just to avoid feeling discriminated. I know people would say the game is going to be more Pay-to-Win. Well, the game has been having pay-to-win feature since Cash Shop was introduced to the game. Cashers are the ones who supply non-paying players with exclusive cash shop items, and without them, no one would buy Souls, auspices or any item that boosts players stats. Hence, the above suggestion, in my opinion, won’t make a big difference to the current situation.

    Last thing I want to add, which mostly non-paying people would want to have is FREE WCOIN gifts. Free wcoin can be gotten by completing a number of SPECIAL daily quests. Those special daily quests differ from normal daily quests in terms of the type of quests that should be completed i.e. win x times in PVP, kill x monster in x dungeon x times; craft x potion; etc. The quests should all be completed successfully and Wcoin can be given out as a reward. The amount shouldn’t be too big; maybe something like 10 wcoins per character and it should be on a weekly basis. That way, people will still engage more in different activities rather just running dungeons or pvping for a whole day, and they will willingly play more classes instead of focusing on one or 2 characters. However, players who spend free wcoin won’t have access to perk system unless they recharge wcoin using real money.

    I think that’s all I want to suggest for a better cash shop/wcoin system in order to alleviate frustration caused by unrewarding randomness system.
    Feel free to comment below, but again, constructively and without giving disrespectful comments.

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