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[Suggestion] Ideas for class advancement (Level 70)

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  • [Suggestion] Ideas for class advancement (Level 70)

    Now that three classes of Mystic have been released and we all know that they are different from each other because each one of them don't use same weapons like in other classes. Hence, I came up with an idea of changing weapons for some classes with some tweaks for all classes,

    Fighter Classes:

    Guardian: Spear/Glaive and Bulwark

    Warrior: Knuckles (Pugilist) similar to that of Fist of the North Star (Gameplay:

    Blademaster: Samurai type long sword. Similar to that of Sephiroth from FFVII and shield should be removed. Jump option should be added.

    Berserker: Same; Just add skillbook effects to his skill tree + Attack Speed buff

    Witchblade Classes:

    Slayer: Same weapons but with improved skills. Like making her additional attacks from skillbooks as parts of her default attacks. Also a tweak to her pet, skull jape to make it more useful. Her ice skills should be changed to some kind of dark magic skills that deals physical attack instead of magical one, and it has to have freeze bonus. Reaperess has a similar skill that absorbs HP and it's physical so why not slayer .

    Warden: Threads. Something like this but with ice effect skills. Having 2 characters with same weapons is redundant in this game. That’s why I came up with a different one. For skull-jape, same as in the above link.

    Slayer and Warden newer Skull jape versions:

    Bladedancer: Claws like Vega from Street Fighter

    a good example is:

    or something like this which is pretty cool:

    or maybe this one but be warned that the following video contains gore and violence scenes:

    Nightstalker: Same (For god’s sake, fix this class). Her skill extensions should be added to the default. I guess that would fix the issue of not activating them. A change in skills would be like Skull Jape (knight version) with 2 swords instead of one, and her Wolf changed to Cerberus who can deal additional attacks as well.

    Shaman Classes:

    Elementalist: Same. Just make her skills from skillbooks added to her skill tree.

    Illusionist: Magic Deck cards; she’s an illusionist after all.

    Taoist: Rod. Just add skillbook effects to her skill tree.

    Reaperess: Same; Just add skillbook effects to her skill tree.

    Demonisher: Same; Just add skillbook effects to her skill tree.

    Hunter Classes:

    Shadow: the picture says everything

    I like the idea of splitting into 3

    Ranger: Same; Just add skillbook effects to his skill tree.

    Scout: the picture says everything


    Assassin: the picture says everything

    Gunslinger: Same; Just add skillbook effects to his skill tree.

    Mystic: Mystic already has unique subclasses; therefore, my suggestion is to add skillbook extensions to her skill tree.

    I know people would disagree as some classes will be more OP than others. But what I'm just proposing some kind of change in the way of classes in which they should be unique. And sorry if my post is full of my large sized pictures. I don't own any of the above pictures nevertheless.

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    2 years ago, i suggested just a simple remodelling thing ( using Mashian Blade skin on a Fighter longsword for Blademaster ) and they didn't do it, i think they won't even read your topic


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      Lelz, so much tryhard in one post, Good luck with this. This idea will be never implemented, only maybe if you learn programming language, make your own game and do it yourself. Otherwise everything you wrote there is just pure bullshit for webzen that you can put back in your ass.

      But probs+ for a nice idea and good presentation.


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        Very nice idea... mostly about nightstalker and guardian.. hehe. How bout ranger adding hide skill +attack speed buffs or def buffs..


        • Seraphiel
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          More ideas are actually recommended

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        Some idea seem interesting... BUT ....

        Don't touch my illu staff ! ! !

        I really think some classes need change, but this is more in act just about skins, rentus weapon for the most of it (except staff) are really hugly. We do need something more realistic IMO, personally i hate a lot thoses last weapons skins, It's really too much "manga" like.
        Bring us back some nice realistic skins weapon and stop the "I have the biggest one that blink and shine in the dark"

        If you take a look back, (Personal opinion) All skins becam hugly last updates, it's not just about weapon. Armor, gears, weapon, Like if designer team was changed from old mature men to Hotaku young kids. i feel that's sad, but just take a look.

        At the beggening we get, Iropsis set, Walachian, karas, Dainlard (even if i don't like it that much) and what now?
        Lingery => Carnival like set.
        Sport gear => What to do with fightes, archer and mage, don't fit the C9 univers.
        And many other set that i truly find hugly and that has nthing common with C9 univers.

        But anyway, C9 is going the wrong side more than ever.
        Before it was about sword, blades and shields, close combat fights most of the time. Combos and timed skill to win. Dodge fighting.

        Now? this is about "Hey look my nuclear cannon or my Hammer with reactor, I don't need to train to win, just using my nuclear strike, or brainlessly spamming at you my infinites Iframes skills straight in your face"
        Look at how good old classes becamt totaly usless:
        -Warrior/zerk : Get raped in a second by cannon B1tch or Hammer gales.
        -STR scout: Viable in the past, now just a toy for mystic class / soulreaper.
        -Illu: Befor was a tricky class, now try to catch an Erta or whatever perma dash / ifram mystic.
        -Elementalist: Unable to cast anything if any mystic class play Hit & run VS elem.
        -Assassin/Shadow: Vs mystic = Catch me if you can... na you can't.

        Just looking at non sens relay match every days, where mystic (All of them) are able at lvl 54-60, to take down any old class without takin any hits. And this is not just about bad VS good player.
        Some very good player with old class alredy quitted the game due to that, wait some weeks (some days now) that cannon b1tch come to relay match at high lvl, and we will see that if you want to PVP, you'd better to forget old class or just stay farming Blazing battle field endlessly
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        • Seraphiel
          Seraphiel commented
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          We have been addressing the issue of unbalanced classes for a long time but Webzen is doing nothing about it. Anyway, regarding illusionist alternative weapon, I believe the idea I presented above will make her have variety of skills. It's not about attacking with cards but transforming them into some other attacks including blades. We've been noticing a lot of redundancy in old classes and revamping them, in my opinion, is one of the solutions to make C9 unique not only for its playstyle but also for uniqueness of subclasses.

        • Braveheart92
          Braveheart92 commented
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          yup u hit the bulls eye. but unfortunately for them this game has been categorized into "cow" stages in business where they main focus is just to milk the money out of it while only doing minor stuff such as daily maintenance, only fix small bug on the game, and throwing all new stuff without considering the existing condition. By doing like that they earned maximum profit out of this game. hard truth but that's the truth i think from what i observed. just look instead of re-balancing the game they just add sales sales sales sales and new class so people will buy the sales sales and sales again. their development team i think has been allocated into their other new games.

        • Seraphiel
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          Pretty much as you said. They try to distract people from the major current issues by releasing stuff that make people forget about them temporarily. However, the game is actually dying. I'm not sure if you are in US server, but believe me, it has gotten depopulated dramatically that maybe only people who still pay with cash are there, and who actually make the game some how live a little bit longer. But hey, soon newer games are going to be released and the successor of C9 has been already announced to be released in 2015 which will definitely bury C9 in the list of 'shutdown games'. Webzen should consider what people actually need since we are paying for what they present to us. Not saying that we want them to do whatever we ask them for, but there are more so many important issues that need to be fixed.

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        Forget it, they're only starting their work on the next 4th mystic class which will porbably be out in late summer. And they still have to finish all the raebin content.


        • Seraphiel
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          Yeah, I know they are working on a 4th mystic class, and they probably have plans ready for 5th and 6th fighter classes and a 6th hunter classes according to files that were leaked last year. Webzen is trying to ignore the issue of fixing/improving/balancing old classes by releasing newer ones thinking that they'd be replacements for the old ones. But what about people who spent a lot of time and money trying to gear up their favorite classes and farm books for them. That's obviously unfair to them. If Webzen is thinking in that way, they're definitely doing it wrong!

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        what is the game ur talking about when you said???
        the successor of C9 has been already announced to be released in 2015 which will definitely bury C9 in the list of 'shutdown games'. what is the successor?


        • Seraphiel
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          The new MMORPG game is Black Desert that many people have been anticipating it to be released soon. We'd still enjoy C9 if Webzen really cared about improving the game instead of adding sale events every 2 weeks, and that’s why I have been giving many suggestions lately because I really want C9 to be on the top of MMO games. But is this going to happen? I'm still skeptical about it!

        • Sequestor
          Sequestor commented
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          BDO is totally not a successor of C9, in spite of the fact that a few people from original c9 development team participate in this, it is a completely different game with different gameplay. Nothing will bury C9 because it is unique and will always have it's own large auditory.
          I'm already tired of all those "loud" releases over the past years that should've buried everything released before, but what I see is all those new games always dig their graves in 6-12 months.
          MU is more popular in Korea than that next-gen AA, think of it.

        • Seraphiel
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          In terms of fighting style, they share the same concept for being fast action paced MMORPG. Although they are different to some extent as BDO features an Open world, unlike C9 which is instanced and I personally prefer the latter; hence, I keep posting suggestions to improve every aspect of C9. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother about playing it. For your information, BDO is not the only game that hyping people up for its stunning and breathtaking graphics AND other elements that make people actively engage with dynamic surroundings.

          I actually know some other games that are under the same genre of C9, and they are currently being developed or in open/closed beta; they look promising from what I have seen. However, I'm not going to mention them here because I started this topic to help C9 compete with upcoming games that may wipe it from existence.