In addition to the suggestions I made in a different thread

I'd also like to add more suggestions:

Improve guild interface to include:
1- Guild Rules
2- Guild Event/News (May require integration to a website, just like when you charge Wcoin from Cash Shop)
3- Notification for any update in the guild
4- Available guild buffs/skills
5- Being public or hidden guild (Yeah, some people prefer to have their personal guilds)
6- Auto rank promotion according to GP (can be turned off if it needs to be adjusted manually)
7- Date of joining a guild for each member
8- An option to enable/disable viewing any of the above info

Moreover, to encourage people farm GP, it would be better to add more incentives, for example, EXP/Gold Bonus for each milestone you achieve. An example of this would be like if a member gets 100k GP, he'll get a fixed bonus of 10%; 15% for 200k GP, etc.

I'd like to hear from the community as well if they have any other suggestion