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[Suggestion] Add Guild Search and Join Guild features

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  • [Suggestion] Add Guild Search and Join Guild features

    Many MMO games use these features as they help reducing the time required to recruit people. There are many players who look for a specific guild and wait for someone to invite them in, which takes long time especially when there are no officers around. And of course, joining requests should be approved by a guild master or guild officers when they are on.

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    +999999999999999999999999 and more to this!
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      Yo! In all my time playing C9 I fail to understand why they never added this feature. An In-Game guild list at the guild master NPC doesn't take much effort. Then adding functionality to request to join and accept it. Maybe even including guild ranking features with it so that there's actually a point in ranking up your guild. And why not add categories to it so you can list whether you're a PvE or PvP oriented guild? I never did figure out why they never considered those ideas. Then again that's not the only thing I've racked my brain over trying to understand the logic behind with this company.