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(Suggestion) Retry stage

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  • (Suggestion) Retry stage

    I suggest to add the option "retry stage" while you're running a map without having finished it yet. Here are the reasons why I'd like it to be that way:

    1. It's useful when you want to farm dims and don't want to waste time killing the boss and opening the chests that appear after killing the boss.
    2. It's useful when you're doing a quest which asks you to kill X number of mobs that appear at the beginning of the quest only and you don't have to go city and enter the map again.
    3. It's useful when you forget to do something that you should've done at the beginning of the quest e.g. sometimes, when I do holy kodes quests which consisted on talking to an NPC at the beginning and then I realize that it was at the beginning after having touched the purple circle I have to go city and then enter the quest again.
    4. To sum up, it helps you save time

    Best regards