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Some words about Night Stalker!!!!

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  • Some words about Night Stalker!!!!

    I know you won't give a damn to this kind of "suggestion" post no matter how many time it's been mentioning. But I have to post this. As the title, this post is about Night Stalker, and of course nothing other than her bugs and pet damage.
    • First of all, her pets' damage is low. Yeah, I admit that. But rewind a little bit to lv 20, she was not how you see her today (i mean at lv50 or above). She was strong, her pets did pretty good damage, she was the easiest class to go dungeons at that lv compare to others. But why is she how she is when so many people complain about her? Because each time you level her pets, the increase in damage is so little. Compare to other classes, her damage is so much fall behind. So i suggest: Decrease her pets' damage at lv 1 and Increase their damage per level (should be 15%-50% per level). Those skill that i would recommend: Summon Myu, Summon Diablo Wolf, Summon Titania, Summon Banshee, Summon Gravito, Absorb: Harm, Destroy, Obliterate, Titania asolute, Banshee: Inferno. And damage of Summon Diablo Wolf, Summon Gravito, and Summon Shulljape-S should be increased each level, not just static values.
    • Secondly, her bug passive skills. They are just like some bug skillbooks that don't trigger the effect sometime. So just get rid of those passive completely, and there will be no bug. And of course, you should remove non-passive Myu, Diablo wolf and Gravito as well. Then replace them with their passive state. No more passive for those pets, no more bug. Now there will be only Enhanced Myu, Enhanced Diablo Wolf and Enhanced Gravito each time you summon them. Wait, what? How about her lv 45 passive? Yeah, that's the point. Make a new lv45 passive skill for her just like other classes. Not 3 shitty enhance: pet passive skills which don't work almost all the time. I think the genius guy (i assume) who gave the awesome idea of making this global version of Nightstalker will have another awesome idea for her new passive, right? (or may you guys suggest that in this post).
    • And lastly, her also bugging Ultimate Fury Summon Eshe Med. Why is it bug? Why Guardian and Reaperess's Ultimate never get that kind of bug? Now you see? Instead of making her summon another pet then change the control, view to that thing, why don't you make her turn herself into Eshe Med? Why not she fuse herself with that mighty creature? Why not "Give me your power Eshe Med" instead of "Wake up Eshe Med"? No changing view, no other creature, just her. Like the Reaperess turns into her demon form.
    That's all I want to say in this post, hope some players out their would agree with me on this. And the develop team would consider these suggestions. If you wanted to make global version of Nightstalker different from JP's then make true difference.

    Thank you for reading my post. And sorry for my bad english.

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    I agree with you on some points. Titania and Banshee really have an damage arrives as to be ridiculous, they hits in Raebin 3 ~ 5k at most. I understand that they can give many hits, but and the Limited of Guns or Arrow Shower of Ranger? Skill that hitam very and has high damage. I do not want a super op NS in PVE, I just want a balanced class.
    Now the thing that annoys me it is a question of defending the pet's, Skulljape is what suffers most in my opinion, any boss that causes many hits and has super armor kills the Skull in a moment ... So you see, without Skulljape, damage Titania and Banshee downs , what to do? Risking an ultimate that can come out buggy?

    Sorry my bad english! ^^


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      Originally posted by FrostQueen View Post
      Why not she fuse herself with that mighty creature? Why not "Give me your power Eshe Med" instead of "Wake up Eshe Med"? No changing view, no other creature, just her. Like the Reaperess turns into her demon form.
      Hmm. I like this idea and I also suggested to have an option to unleash Eshe Med to attack mobs without being controlled by her, meanwhile she can re-summon her pets to fight alongside. Yet, still the idea of fusion is still awesome too. I wish if there was a class that can transform to different creatures (I'm not satisfied with demonisher). Something like a Shapeshifter with limited basic skills but mostly dependent on different transformation forms. Nightstalker is a lazy class in my opinion and Webzen made it worse by adding the feature 'nerfed' to her. But hopefully, they fix it soon.

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        On top of all the above, i loved the idea of absorb skills where logically you should be sacrificing your pets to perform HUGE damage in return. But no, the buggy flicker stance and low damage of harm-destroy-obliterate just make it the worst skill to use. My suggestion would be, (1) if you cannot solve the 2-times-to-activate flicker blade, please lower the skillstone consumption to 2 or even 1. (2) make destroy-harm-obliterate an active skill with hotkey where you can use without using flicker blade beforehand.

        For a 10-skillstone skill, i also expect great damage from gravito which is hard to aim with already. Just look at the lv50 skill of other classes like battle maiden which only requires 3 skillstones, stuns bosses and short cooldown.

        Titania and banshee actually has okay (did not say good) damage if all the hits land. It is because the damage is divided across 45 seconds (duration of titania and banshee) that makes it look low. Solution? Reduce the duration to about 20 seconds and make the damage higher maybe.


        • FrostQueen
          FrostQueen commented
          Editing a comment
          I agree with you. Her Absorbable pets are really not a reliable source of damage, so Absorb: Harm, Destroy, Obliterate should be buffed in damage.
          And at least Summon: Gravito should have equal damage with Soul Volley's.

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        Everybody knows that classes aren't balanced in this game. Some classes are always better in both pvp and pve than the other ones. NS is one of those weak ones.

        When it was first launched i leveled up to 55 level and then they nerfed it. Anyway i went on leveling and became 57, bam!, another nerf... So i stopped at 57 level because i saw no future in NS. My other 3 friends who were also NS decided to go all the way up to 67. One of them quitted at 61, another one at 63 and finally last one at 67 level because of fury camera bug, sommon's passive bugs etc.

        There have been and still are lots of topics about class rebalance but they dont give a damn about it. Instead, they just buff a used-to-be-well-balanced class like ranger. What else, they think they nerfed Battle Maiden but they did nothing but to add iframe to one of her skills and buffed her

        Finally, one of the old players ( i can't remember his name now ) said once that webzen lost it and there was no returning. I didn't believe him but now i see that he was right.