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The Current State of US-Server

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  • The Current State of US-Server

    US-Server has been nearly dead since the SEA server migration but when that happened, there were more American players. Nowadays i see maybe 3-7 Americans pvping at the same time. Many Americans have quitted and now the community is consuming of 80-90% of South Americans.

    My suggestion is to make a South American server and a North American server. That would probably bring a lot more Americans back into this game since there would be less lag. If not, then there would be a nice community of about 50 players

    Webzen seriously needs to advertise this game more. It would be so nice if US-Server would have as much players as on EU-Server. Webzen contact to some famous youtuber and make some kind of interview where you show the game and introduce it. I remember SWR making this kind of suggestion at some point. I remember a lot of good suggestions but you never listened...

    I hope this will wake you up

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    Well making a different pvp channels would be a good idea.
    But you just don't get it. So lets say you go to ranked and you meet these kinds of laggers Wouldn't that make you frustrated and quit the game? Here is another video
    If they would separate NA and SA to different servers, then those "i log on every now and then" players would become more active. Also the server is dead because of poor management and advertising.

    Just my two cents.


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      Game is full of laggers anyway and PvP is an even bigger joke than ever already, so I'm more for the idea of merge. Further separation is a dumb idea. It wasn't too great an idea when they made the SEA server, it still isn't a good idea now, if ever. You said it yourself that poor management and advertisement is the reason server is dead, so separation isn't really gonna help things.

      Or, as Levi put it, GENIUS.


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        Prepare for more lag as Europeans start to migrate there from the currently almost unplayable EU server.


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          would be better to merge all servers and make the connection player to server instead player to player.


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            Merging the servers isn't really an option because:

            -The SEA server was a complete copy of the US server when it was made so re-merging would mean 1 of the 2 would have a rollback. That presents many problems.
            -That would make webzen's administration look even more sketchy. Appearances matter.
            -Really the best way to make that merge happen would be to relaunch on a new server which would present many problems including costs, time fixing bugs ect.

            Switching to solely a Player-To-Server connection isn't an option because 1. We already establish a connection to the server in both pve/pvp and it does effect our ping. It's indicated by the dot over the bars which shows the type of connection to the server. 2. We don't have the original developers and switching the connection to player-to-server would require almost a complete a ton of re-programming.


            I support the idea of server division but not creating a completely new server. Restricting pvp channels would be the best option in my opinion. 1 arena channel for NA, 1 for SA, and 1 for ALL. I'd heard that they were originally planning to do that, that's why the channels were named accordingly but they never did. That way people have a choice as to whether they want to deal with lag or not, and they can still pve together just fine. That would bring most people I know back to the game but of course there are other issues to deal with like class balancing.

            For now we'll have to deal with the dead server and maybe try to find a solution as a community.


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              Master stages became harder after some patch. I used to log in to use up my 5 scrolls everyday to make 1-2 master stages on my own. But now, I can't solo the stages because of increased difficulty and I can't find anyone to party with.

              server dead


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                How do you plan on finding a party if you can't stay on the fucking game for more than 30 mins str8?..


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                  Originally posted by Pervy View Post
                  I support the idea of server division but not creating a completely new server.
                  For the record, I'm against further separations if it involves creating new servers. I have no problem with separations in PvP channels, specifically.


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                    I agree with this separations in channels, particularly in PvP, since i think its the place we most get affected.


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                      I'm into merging all server's EU+US+SEA and making separate arena channels with ip block, or just add this to ranked, people with over 200 ping get kicked, since i have fought people from US with better connection than EU lol

                      There's no good content for months, Even EU market is dieing now, from +1500 pages to 1000 now...
                      You better find some solutions, or all server's dead soon


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                        Edit: Removed


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                          Bombers suggest is a great idea and would have worked.... if it was done years ago. Now NA server is too dead. not only did the majority of NA players quit cuz of lag, but the SA players quit too. Even though our server is filled with mostly SA players now. I assume if there were 2 different servers to begin with, there would be more NA and SA players. Webzen's just too retarded that they can't tell how PvP based this game is and how much lag effects it. I played games that are not even close to the amount of bandwidth speed c9 takes, and they still separate NA from SA. Some retard employee that doesn't understand lag the slightest made SA and NA merge probably because they both have "America" in its name.

                          c9 in China has 6 different servers.. JUST FOR CHINA. They split china in 6 different sections to avoid lag issues. The amount of players they have is unreal too. That's like splitting up NA in 6 different sections to avoid lag. Except America isn't as populated as China is, so doing that wouldn't be the best thing. However, if NA was only 1 server, I can see our server being as big as just 1 of china's servers. Webzen's just too dumb to understand, and fcked up c9 PvP for anyone that enjoys it in our server.


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                            JonRulz, your post will be deleted...


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                              Yup. They cover up what they don't fix and use the frustration they cause as an excuse to ignore people