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  • Gold Spammers Suggestion

    These guys are very annoying and always keep coming even if you block them.
    You have to: Enter Chat > Right Click > Copy Name > Open Block List > Delete Old Spammer > Paste New One.
    To only block ONE of them, there are many more...

    My Suggestion is to simply put an option to block without copying the name.
    It wouldn't solve the issue but will make it much more easy and quicker to block people.
    There is already an option to add to friend list so why not an option to add to block list?

    It would look like this:

    (This guy didn't actually spam gold lol)

    Also expanding the block list will help alot.
    If your not planning to do something about gold spammers atleast you can reduce their influence.

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    Great idea, but of course they won't do anything about it bro..


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      They have Block in Rappelz, but it's limited to 25 slots. Probably want to edit the image to take out the URL.

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        Originally posted by Mashup View Post
        Great idea, but of course they won't do anything about it bro..
        This is correct, eversince the appearrance of gold sellers in C9, I have yet to see them take action regarding this matter.


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          Great idea. It would be impossible it happen

          even equal the other ideas

          which never happened


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            Totally Agree with the idea ^^ +10 .
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