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[Suggestion] Ranked PvP Event

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  • [Suggestion] Ranked PvP Event

    Since we got our rank reset, i think it would be nice to have a ranked pvp event since we haven't had a one for months.
    There are many ideas but i think i could tell one of mines.

    First price: Win 20 Ranked pvp matches and get a polar bear auspice.
    Second Price: Win 50 Ranked pvp matches and get a random rare book for your class (account bound).
    Third Price: Win 100 Ranked pvp matches and get a Leggings soul (prelude) for any of your class (account bound). Other price idea could be an account bound skill reset.

    Remember this in only one idea. I think it would help to increase the amount of pvp and the prices wouldn't be bad. Prices can be changed or the wins.
    Don't forget to tell your opinions and ideas!