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Rrding on Cash Shop?

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  • Rrding on Cash Shop?

    Regarding* on Cash Shop..
    I been stop playing 2 years ago or more i think.. Now i try to play again atm i want to buy Inventory Expansion Scroll in Cash shop.
    and my question is what is that Yellow Diamond thing? so how can i spend my wCoins or where can i get those Diamonds to buy from your Cash Shop?
    And in your website "How to use Cash Shop?" is not Updated Here's the link
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    I think no one is active players now :/ even CM/GM/MOD/ADMIN or any Staff from the Game?


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      Hello that yellow diamond thing must be Goddess tears and its accessible from ingame farm methods or cash shop i suggest u dont waste ur wcoins with inventory expansion scroll get them from goddess tears shop and farm goddess tear with invasion . if u have more questions and want faster answer join us at