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Manacrafter and Change Classs

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  • Manacrafter and Change Classs

    When can we change class to manacrafter? all that soulshard to make a manacrafter from the begining? this game is boring enough to make a class from the beginning.....

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    Manacrafter is special class and only can get by special way, So better than waiting for something might be never happen you can every saturday & sunday getting shards from free daily dungeon you have 1 try per char also if you have many chars you will unlock that class faster.

    You can check details about daily dungeon on this note ----->

    Another way manacrafter chest cost around 40~80m per box and this box can give 1~5 shards, So you can farm gold then you can buy that by gold
    Also there is official C9 discord server you can ask us there anytime for info & tips, Feel free to join us in C9 discord server for community chat between EU, US, SEA also GM and all VL there --->
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      i already have my Mana.... that is what i made that question... special class?.. please.... is not worth all the effort to get it...