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Sea VL Hye The entity is a hacker ...?

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  • Sea VL Hye The entity is a hacker ...?

    Please read the image above before reading this article.

    Hye said reupload that about hacked account

    Hello there

    I need to talk to you

    [VLT]Hye is hacker

    This is true and almost all koreans know this.
    I will just get to the point.

    ISUE has started SEA server.

    [VLT]Hye told ISUE not to grow up new character, and she said that "I have jumping character. It's DONGDU's No-one use it" (We have screen shot)

    So ISUE has started to grow up that character
    When ISUE has finished Level80 and all items farming, the GVG(GUILD VS GUILD) began, and he won, and he got enchant stone3 from WEBZEN

    after than Someday his account password was changed by someone. he asked [VLT]Hye
    And than she said "I dont know, maybe DONGDU changed it"

    The happening had gone big isue
    Many [VL]USERS knew about it. And
    [VLT]Hye admit her guilt that she was hacking his account because she needed enchantment 3 stone.
    And than let him know new password and E-mail address
    But she never say that "sorry"
    We want her to say sorry for him.


    Look at the attached picture.

    This is evidence. She hacked
    That is why almost all korean hate her.
    If you can not belive me.
    Just ask any korean.

    See you