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So, what are those lvl jumping events real for?

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  • Lukk
    started a topic So, what are those lvl jumping events real for?

    So, what are those lvl jumping events real for?

    You giving us, normal people some chance to play some with awesome gear, for like 2 weeks. After that you leaving us literally naked without any equipment, just another lvl rewand chest to open, I want here to summarize my feelings about this game and events like that, as "veteran" player.
    You forgot Webzen, that players getting older too. Basically you give us cool stuff for some time and we have to ignore everything, for basically doing most annoying continent, Ensilrot and its stupid quests. You should reduce your social life to minimum for that to achieve highest lvl possible, no matters how stupid and boring quests on Ensilrot are. Basically when I stopped playing 4 years ago - nothing changes. Turbogriding is your only option. In 2019, when we have alot of games to choose you want to do same stuff and 4-5 quests over and over again on same map, for your exp bar to move a little? Not really. Game is difficult, thats how it should be. But stuff you give us is really overpowered. I got literally 0 challenge at any map, no matters the lvl or difficulty, why not just give some less- durable and less powerful armor for unlimited time? This would be less annoying and more fun to spent my time how I want. Now I should play only because I have now that armor, later this gonna dissapear, I have to be quick enough or what, thats some kind of new MMORPG speedrunning? Thats disgusting. This stuff maybe brings players back, but for really short time i suppose. I ended up as my guardian on level 65, without anything. No armor, no money, lierally rock bottom. I have nothing to do, I can uninstall this game again and wait for event like that next time. Thank you Webzen for bring my old memories back, but now I really understand why this game died.

  • Yurippi
    1) They don't leave you naked, if you attain a certain level they give you a box with permanent legendary items but its your job to upgrade it.
    2) The game cannot reduce YOUR social life to minimum lol... that is entirely up to you and no one else.
    3) Gameded true.

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