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The remaining classes that could come out in a possible future

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  • The remaining classes that could come out in a possible future

    Approximately 4 years have passed since Viking was released as the fifth class of Fighter, now in a few hours we will be seeing the fourth class of Mystic called Manacrafter, the big question would be how will the remaining missing classes be, which weapons will be used and will be physical or magical damage?

    I understand that a few years ago there was a post, related to this, but I will touch some points that were mentioned in that topic at the time.

    The next icon corresponds to Mystic, the image seems to be a kind of tree, a leaf or perhaps a fan, this class could have held a fan, as the following image shows that was already shown in this forum a while ago.

    Hopefully dev, are not forgotten about this idea and implement it as a fifth class Mystic and this icon would settle well, if not already decided to use the icon for Manacrafter, who knows.

    The icon corresponds to the fifth class of Witchblade, very likely to be released after Manacrafter, it is said that this class will take a claws as a weapon, very possibly physical damage, magic or even hybrid, here is the evidence as conceptual art in the following image.

    Now we have the icon of what would be the sixth class of Fighter, here it is evident that this class will take a halberd / spear only with observing one of the bosses in mashian tomb in difcultad expert or master or the boss of twisted forest maze to realize how this class will be, I think it is not necessary to upload an image.

    Finally we have the sixth icon of the Hunter class that seems to be a kind of cannon, boat rudder, of which there are no images, maybe there is a conceptual art, the only thing you can say is that maybe use crossbow, maybe pistols and sheet, and to be a kind of pirate or sailor.

    If I put them in that order, it's because I think they're going to come out in that, maybe I'm wrong, it seems that if Mystic with a fan comes out after Hunter's class. By the time I saw the new class, I wanted to believe that it was planned, a seventh class of Hunter and Fighter, a sixth class of Shaman and Witchblade and a fifth class of Mystic, but how is the situation of the game, the probilades of passing they are getting farther and farther away. That is all.

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    Most if not all of these concepts where designed by former C9 devs. The new ones seems to have shifted to creating something different than what was planned. And I'm kinda skeptical about them creating the claw class for witchblade since all classes have their unsheathed weapons visible. With claws, it means the class must have them on her hands visible all the time which can interfere with costumes.

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