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Slayer PvE Rework Suggestion.

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  • Slayer PvE Rework Suggestion.

    First of all, if you're a slayer player and is reading this, then thank you for still be playing Slayer!

    Let me introduce myself: my IGN is Griffon, former C9 PvPer. 14k+ matches on my back, over 10k wins. All on Slayer.

    From my perspective, Slayer's class identity is a class that deals damage not from single skills, but from whole combos and rotations that require timing, precision, positioning and knowledge of the class' kit, and I think that such concept can be applied really well on PvE (with the help of skillbooks ofc - slayer is a class that's known for being book dependant, like Guardian and Bladedancer, for example), for thus, I'm here to drop a few suggestions.

    1. PvE Oriented Changes

    Cloying Darkness (P-Rare Book): Give full iframe to the skill, increase AoE (on dagger spin and on final hit) range, Increase force pull range, make it chainable into Harvest.

    Cross Combo + Edge (P-Rare Book) = Add an effect that makes the first two slashes of Cross Combo be affected the CCEdge book, in a way that it would make the first two slashes (that aren't affected by the book - Cross Combination slashes) be like the last two (affected by the book - Cross Combination Edge slashes) = full iframe (or superarmor for the first two slashes), releasing blade energy and with increased attack speed.

    Also, it needs a increase on its numbers, just double the base numbers (that shows upon opening our skill tree)

    Ringshear Kick (Skill) = Make the same damage as Black Rose

    Delpha Slasher (Skill) = Reduce skill Cooldown.

    Deadfall (P-Rare Book) = Increase base damage, make the blowdown attacks go out faster, I honestly prefer the rare book over the p-rare because you lose too much dps due to the long animation (that can't be cancelled or hasten up)

    Blood Dance (Skill) = Rework the skill, make it give you 15% physical attack and 5% of Lifesteal (converts all of your damage to HP), it would make allow slayers to mix raebin and sarad books freely and it would take away slayer's dependacy on Sarad 20* effect (8% Absorb HP effect)

    Vice Sword (Skill) = Increase the numbers in PvE, 315 damage is just disgusting, make it based on your attack (like 15% ish, like a 300k hit would cause an extra 45k, a 1mil hit would cause an extra 150k etc), using Blood Dance + Vice Sword would give Slayer a HELL OF A BOOST w/o taking away the class identity, that's a class that deals damage based not on separate skills, but on combos and rotations.

    Book combo: Make it like Cross Combo Edge chainable into Cloying Darkness (Dagger Spin Part).

    Also make Cloying Darkness be chainable into Harvest.

    So the standard combo would be CC+Edge > Cloying Darkness (Dagger Spin Part) > Harvest.

    WHY? So we can use (and abuse) cloying darkness' dps potential w/o having to always depend of Smash Chase, and using it midcombo will also always guarantee a full-stack Harvest and a full-safe iframe chain combo (that would look SICK and it would do TONS OF DAMAGE)

    Rout Technician (Passive - Skill): Make Slayer gain routpoints with Cloying Darkness as well, in this way, slayer would always have 10 stacks after every p-rare cloying darkness, it would help a lot on our rotations and dps purposes.

    Example of skill rotations (using my recommended combo): CC+Edge > Cloying > Harvest > Ringshear > Deadfall > SubSlash > Delpha > Wicked Chase > CC+Edge > Cloying > SubSlash > Ringshear > Deadfall > Routpoint + Harvest > Sublash > CC+Edge > Cloying > SubSlash > Ringshear > Deadfall > .....

    2. PvP Oriented Changes

    Blaring Burst (Skill) = Make the launching height fixed (Lv3's height is enough), slayer doesn't need more than that much launching height. Besides that, most slayers don't know how to use this skill properly, and those who do, prefer to keep it lv1 because of the launching height (and because the damage scaling isn't great either), but I'd max it if I had the SP (if it had fixed launching height)

    Viper Knee Kick (Skill) = Make the launching height scalable with skill level (back to how it was before the raebin expansion).

    Wind Rave (Skill) = Make the launching height fixed (lv5's height is enough), it would make maxing wind rave something interesting and considerable.

    Subslash (Skill) = Make the launching height fixed (Lv3-4 is enough), it would avoid instadrops due to gravity-lag issues, and it would make maxing subslash something considerable (since it's worth maxing because of the book)

    Ice Crystal (Skill) = Change the skill into "Blood Crystal" = Same as Ice Crystal, but deals Physical Damage instead.

    Delpha Slasher (Skill) = Reduce skill cooldown.

    Harvest (Skill) = Increase skill cooldown and reduce damage (Nerf it)

    Edit (Oct, 4th, 2019): Added more suggestions
    Last edited by ItsTiz; 04-10-19, 03:59 PM.

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      They asked players about class survey before and still open

      So you can say your suggestions about slayer here better than forum.

      Also there is C9 discord server you can ask us there anytime for adding more suggestions about c9, Feel free to join us in C9 discord server for community chat between EU, US, SEA also GM and all VL there --->
      [VL]Eagle1One Server: EU

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