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  • Erta Rework suggestions

    Mek mek, small suggestions for Erta:

    Forward Step = should be having iFrame or at least Super-Armor upon skill use and also for whole duration with PRare book. Any hit can cancel the skill untill the skill land first hit.

    Backward Step = this skill should have iFrame upon use, since its also evasive skill and also till the end of additional attack motions with PRare book.

    Advanced Dash = make it also usable in Ranged Stance.

    Electrick Spark = add iFrame upon use.

    Breakthrough = add posibility to use as command W+E

    Electric Pulling = change command from Shift+F to S+E.

    Flying Spin Kick = add command use form A+E or D+E.

    Jugling = add command form S+E.
    Charged Curent = add lesser Air damage while charging to surounding enemies and slight pulling Force.

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    as an avid erta player for 3 years + this is a horrible suggestion, yes iframes are good but its as good as nothing, you still do no damage at all advanced dash for ranged stance is just way too powerful and doesnt make sense with the class, you're supposed to be slower when in ranged stance and faster in melee stance, also if u add iframe to all of these skills erta is basically the new maiden in intrusion, u gotta think about these things, i suggest reworking forward step / backward step prare books as a whole, add more damage, make it a burst skill instead of a long skill that barely does any damage for both


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      also electric spark is already iframe upon use, unless you're talking about pvp,and if so thats absolutely broken, you should mention this is a pve suggestion


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        Well, my guess is that, every basic E skill, for every class should have iFrame both in pvp and pve and even without books.


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          the problem is different skill with weapon 1 hand or 2 hand