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  • Slayer Rework suggestions

    Mek mek, since there is ongoating survey about next class rework and Im not sure, if Im making my suggestions right, I decided to make topic about Slayer for posible later cause.
    So here are my curent toughts:

    Cross Combination = should have iFrame or at least Super-Armor to resist being easily canceled before performing chain skill Cross Combination Edge (top skill with PRare Book).

    Smash Chase = should have Crouch state during dash and Super-Armor during attack.

    Cloying Darkness = please add iFrame for whole duration of skill, since this is 2nd top dmg skill with PRare book.

    Blaring Silhouette = add Super-Armor and reduce CD to 1,5 sec.

    Sub Slash = add 15% Physical Def reduction to enemy +5% each lvl for 10 sec.

    Blood Dance = Rework skill to Slayer version which also giving 10% Physical Attack+2% per lvl and increase duration and CD equal to Warrior's skill Frenzy.

    Rout Point (stack use) = add buff for each time Rout Points are used to add +2% Physical Attack for 30 sec, stackable 5 times.
    Deadfall+Blaring Burst = please boost dmg of both skills, they look nice with PRare books, but are actualy quite weak.

    Also SP cost of some skills (most of them actualy) could be also bit reduced.

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    Blaring Silhouette = add Super-Armor and reduce CD to 1,5 sec. WTFFFFFFFF HAHAHAHAHAHA