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C9 game Why does the game not develop ?

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  • C9 game Why does the game not develop ?

    if it continues like this game is dead c9 is dead

    webzen does nothing about the future of the game it is true
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    The game won't die if there are players who seek power and are willing to pay for every new piece of equipment. In fact, C9 is a money factory that generates quick income for WEBZEN. Although I can't deny they did some improvement to maintain F2P population, and this is to keep the game feels sort of lively.

    Even if they have plans to add newer continent, they'd try to make huge gap between each new continent as we have 3 continents left if the title stays true to the core story. WEBZEN kinda tries to fill the gap by creating branched areas like recycled raebin dungeons a.k.a shadow dungeons and adding some quality life contents that make it a little bit less frustrating than before.

    My advice is if you 'really' have nothing to achieve in this game and that you got everything you wanted, you need to take a break and play another game until they add something that might get your attention to the game once again .

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