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  • Continent of the Ninth Seal Remaster

    if you c9 webzen people wants to have more players we badly need the game to improve such as overall graphics, reworked other class, new gears, new map. that if you guys want the game to be alive and have many players. for example look at Black Desert Online it took only a couple of yr and they released the remastered version of the game. i hope c9 devs consider this request, honestly the game is great but devs need to focus on improving the game

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    C9 already has no hope in become great as it was before. And if I remember it correctly, the former Devs of C9 are BD's now. Current Devs are really not into developing the game anymore. All we're seeing are recycled stuffs. Nothing new, no major updates for more than a year already. Everything we're seeing now are just cash-grab items. They're just milking their players till the server completely dies. Webzen's focus is MU only, and will always be MU.


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      C9 was a testing platform for BDO devs. The improvement that were supposed to be made in C9 were implemented in BDO. They left C9 in WEBZEN's hand just to help them generate quick money from the last whales. That's why we see enhancement sales almost every week.

      Anyway, I accidentally stumbled upon this reply while checking my emails. And I was like, man.. why they even bothered to reply to my lost ticket. Yes, they have a system in which it filters out old tickets that they no longer become accessible to the users. The only way we could access old tickets is through the copies sent to our inbox.

      WEBZEN! You chose to kill the game that I loved so much and you've been a huge disappointment to the whole community.

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        Idk how much time have u played C9 but graphics aren't the problem, is the lack of a decent server, lack of balance, desperation on P2W and huge ammount of crap they added after 2015 which ruins the game like the Runes and all that stuff that came after the Awakening system (which was good up to lv300 as much)

        On the contrary i think C9 should make a new server with a classic style C9, previous to Raebin, but keeping the good updates and balances and ofc making more balances to all classes
        Nerfing out stupidly OP books, getting rid of useless books which gives defensive/recovery buffs and overall making it more efficient and PVP oriented while keeping the difficulty of the game by nerfing broken skillbooks, adjusting the max enhacement to +15 max (this way it keeps the challenge on the raids and dungeons) and also promoting more intrusions with better prizes, same at PVP and GvG with the prizes (ofc the previous champion guilds shouldn't be elegible for the prizes)

        I posted tons of suggestions on past years, i dont recall all of them but it's either making a C9 server like in the old days or just sell the fucking game to someone else
        Waiting for the game going back to their roots~


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          is this game completely dead? im a old player and i really like this game :/


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            Aegikush There are still players, but compared to as what it was, it's so-so. Only players left behind are those players who spent a boatload of money for their accounts, but most of them only go online to get money from pet caves, and do the weekly survival. C9's population went down by a huge margin.

            If you have plans on returning, i'd say you'll need to spend $$ to cope up with its current players if you want to compete with top players. This game is heavy P2W now. Balance is gone. Content is stuck at c6.