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[OFFICIAL] C9 Volunteer Recruitment 3

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  • [OFFICIAL] C9 Volunteer Recruitment 3

    Hello Everyone,

    We’re holding recruitment of volunteers again for the SEA Server only via applications. We wanted to make the recruitment of new Volunteers in this kind of method/process to give everyone a chance to be part of the team. The applications will be visible to everyone and will be review by the C9 Staffs.

    The recruiting will have 2 Stages:
    1st: Application will be review and if you pass your application will proceed to stage 2.
    2nd: We will interview the players who pass stage 1.

    Use this "Fill up form" to submit your application:


    How long have you been playing C9?

    How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?

    What can you contribute to C9?

    Why did you want to join the team?

    Tell us about yourself:

    Name / Level


    Make sure to be informative as you can to make your application stand out among the other applications.


    • All applications with invalid information will be automatically deleted without any warnings.
    • All the applicants should be from SEA Server "ONLY"


    FEB 12, 2019 - MAR 01, 2019

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    Name: Zlati Hristov
    Age: 23
    Server: EU (Rahkdan)
    Timezone: GMT
    Language(s): English, Bulgarian (Fluent)

    How long have you been playing C9?
    I started playing C9 around 2012-2013 as much as i remember. (It has been a long time)

    How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?
    Recently more than 12 hours a day but, usually about 8-10 hours.

    What can you contribute to C9?
    Always helping out new players to get the mechanics of the game and the content itself, always trying to help out if i can with any requests/concerns people have.

    Why did you want to join the team?
    I always wanted to join the team but, i was always missing the deadlines with few hours... I like to join because, i constantly explore bugs with textures and hit boxes in town and in dungeons. Therefore if i find something i can reported to the right people and get it fixed if needed.

    Tell us about yourself:
    I am a 23 years old living in London, UK. However born in Bulgaria currently unemployed but, looking for a job. I am a person who loves games and loves to help others in games if i have the knowledge, always looking to expand my knowledge in anyway possible, because it is worth knowing.

    Name / Level

    無言の殺人者 / 80 GS (Main Character)
    VenomArow / 70 Ranger (Know by this Char in game)

    My very main which is the only char i focus is my GS 無言の殺人者.


    • [SVL]Peejay
      [SVL]Peejay commented
      Editing a comment
      Hello there,
      This recruitment is exclusive for SEA Server players only. Thank you for the application.

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    Name:Jay Llanos
    Server:SEA (Acharon)
    Language(s):Tagalog, Bisaya, English

    How long have you been playing C9?
    -→ I started playing this game since 2012.

    How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?
    -→since im still studying, for now im only spending 4-6 hours.

    What can you contribute to C9?
    -→Since most of the players in Acharon Server is Filipino and some of the VLT's cant understand Tagalog or Filipino Language, so i am here to communicate/guide them easier and help for their problems related "C9 laws,bugs,e,t,c."

    Why did you want to join the team?
    -→I really want to join the team because, some of the Filipino players wants to ask some question from VLT's but, some of the Filipino dont know how to speak English and even the VLT's can't understand them.

    Tell us about yourself:
    Hello I am Jay Llanos, im still studying 2nd Year College and Proudly to say that I am a C9 player from Philippines, and I am 17 years old, I know im too young to join this team but im really interested to join this team ill do anything to help players.. ^_^

    Name / Level

    PinoyHunt 80 GS (Main Character)
    Pinoyhunt² 76 Viking (2nd Character)
    Melgane 72 Valkyrie (3rd Character)
    Slayer 70 Slayer (4th Character)
    and more ...
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      Name:Javieric O. Banawa
      Timezone:UTC +8

      How long have you been playing C9?
      Im start Playing C9 since 2012 or 2013 something like that

      How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)
      7Hour's to 8Hour's if its no Class

      What can you contribute to C9?
      I can Contribute to C9 by Helping other players by guiding them and teaching them.

      Why did you want to join the team?
      To help other player what is the mechanics of the game and to guid them to have a better playing in C9 and to make Player more Active.

      Tell us about yourself:
      I am a player that you will be a friend and i am Honest and i am a TrustWorthy and i love playing C9 Because this is my Hobby and im Enjoying playing games but i am a Grade 9 Student.

      Name / Level
      HeyHotShot LvL.80 (Main)
      HighPowered LvL.68
      SHxVONLIC LvL.65
      TheStrongOne LvL.52
      MasterOfDisater LvL.52
      ™§håÐðwßlåÐê™ LvL.17
      HeyColdSpike LvL.70
      핫샷 LvL. 75
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        Hello Everyone,

        We will be closing the recruitment thread and have all the applications to be review by the team.

        You will be invited by the volunteer of SEA Server if you succeed on the First Phase of the process. Please make sure to always check your In-Game Mail.

        For those, who will not receive any message from the Team. Unfortunately, that means your application got denied. I hope everyone understands this.

        We appreciate every one of you for giving the time and effort to participating in this recruitment