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My feedback about my return to c9

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  • My feedback about my return to c9

    Well, I started in c9 approximately in 2013. I was able to play frequently until 2017 (roughly in June I had to leave the game due to personal problems), and today I decided to download the game (Even with lots of speculations and bad recommendations I got often).
    Curiously, I downloaded, installed, made protocols that asked ... And honestly? I'm very discouraged the way the game is at the moment.
    I analyzed countless characters in the middle of the city, many of them with equipment +9 and with practically triple my damage (I having +16). I went to check and they told me about some palladiuns and some runes that the game entered with the passage of time. So I decided to look for a moment to start a jump (which would be easier for those who play again) and still, even with equipment +18 (temporary), my damage can be lower for those who have good palladiuns in mind and extremely runes well equipped, which only discouraged me, because when I saw, the palladiuns already finished the "season" and now entered the rune system. So I decided to look for these "fantastic" runes that the game promoted. I did some, and it even gave me some encouragement. But I kept looking, and I saw that there was a very big discrepancy. And I'm not talking about 5 ~~ 6k of damage. I speak of much more. I saw naked characters in the city with 40k of damage, while my naked one has miserable 9k (with some well-run and reasonably enchanted runes).

    In my humble opinion, I now miss palladiuns. Yes! I tried to buy these fantastic boxes these days (I bought the base of 150 boxes, which I think a lot for a medium investment) and still a radical difference. In all, I went to find out about the other players, and they told me that from the middle of 2018 until the middle of 2019 the server gave palladiuns free of charge to those who made the invasion (something new for me too).

    Three things call my attention: Why does c9 insist on wanting to keep this discrepancy between players? Is this really the best attitude to make players who were already without any motivation inside the game, come back and see their characters with practically no damage, can compete with people who have had a year to palladiuns in their accounts ( I disregard runes because they are still farmables)? I think it's fair that the players who came back today can have the same chances of getting the same things that old players have, since the game is focused on disputing damage.
    I would never recommend such a game to anyone, where I have to spend enough to have a good sequence of palladiuns giving a lot of money to the company.

    Regrettably, I saw a game that had everything for years to be one of the best RPG's online, and today I see that anyone who had to stop under certain circumstances will never have the same potential damage from an old player in a low afk time question of the game (01 year).

    If my opinion is worth something, return the palladiuns inside the game. And not only am I saying this: Several people who talked and came back to play c9 recently said the same thing! It is devastating to see a difference of up to 15 ~~ 20k from one character to another because of a low tempo.

    I only have to regret the game have taken that sad course and have played thousands of people who had their reasons to get away from the game and see that their characters are no longer worth anything in the gameplay.
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    Sadly, C9 has been heavily a cash grab game that kept adding contents (not major ones) that somehow make people try them to sort of force them later on to buy them from the cash shop. And they keep adding even more powerful ones (like soul sets) but again on the cash shop. In my honest opinion, it's worthless to spend money on a game where REAL contents aren't a priority and items that boost characters are only obtainable through the cash shop.

    The only reason that few players still keep playing C9 is because either they still like the game that they already spent so much time and/or money which for them is a waste if they decide to quit, or they don't have a decent PC to run better games that require higher specs hardware.

    To me, C9 was just used as a testing platform to develop Black Desert Online. Many assets from C9 have been reused and improved overtime to make a better version of C9. I don't think C9 devs will produce quality content.

    It was too hard for me to make the decision to stop playing C9 because I'm one of those who spent thousands of dollars just to maximize the level of fun to enjoy the game. I still follow C9 news on the website for I still enjoy the times I spent in the game with my friends who until this moment still try to drag me back to the game.

    Anyway, my advice is to not attempt to invest your money and enjoy the game as a casual F2P player.

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      If you still have good sense of the game, quit c9. The game is only postponing the time itself, there are hardly any people online and as the guy up there said, only keeps the players that do not have a good pc to migrate to another game and who already has an account, and yet, you log and there are only afk people.
      Starting c9 nowadays is a sheer waste of time. The game will no longer return to palladiuns because it saw that it was losing a lot of money in sales, hardly they will return to give them in the invasions.
      I advise you to start seeing another game to have fun, because c9 is a competition game, and if you could not keep up to date, it will not be a jump that will save that.