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[OFFICIAL] C9 Volunteer Recruitment 2.5

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  • [OFFICIAL] C9 Volunteer Recruitment 2.5

    Hello Everyone,

    We’re holding a recruitment of volunteers again for the EU Server only via applications. We wanted to make the recruitment of new Volunteers in this kind of method/process to give everyone a chance to be part of the team. The applications will be visible to everyone and will be review by the C9 Staffs.

    The recruiting will have 2 Stages:
    1st: Application will be review and if you pass your application will proceed to stage 2.
    2nd: We will interview the players who pass stage 1.

    Use this "Fill up form" to submit your application:


    How long have you been playing C9?

    How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?

    What can you contribute to C9?

    Why did you want to join the team?

    Tell us about yourself:

    Name / Level


    Make sure to be informative as you can to make your application stand out among the other applications.


    • All applications with invalid information will be automatically deleted without any warnings.
    • All the applicants should be from EU Server "ONLY"


    DEC 14, 2018 - JAN 15, 2019
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    Bedair (Duplexity on discord)


    EU (Rakhdan)

    UTC +2

    Arabic (native) and English (fluent)

    How long have you been playing C9?
    I don't exactly remember but around 4 years or more, can provide my old accounts as a proof.

    How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?
    I probably play all day

    What can you contribute to C9?
    Help as much as I can, report bugs, make videos, suggest good ideas, always being active, bringing more players to the game, I'll do my best.

    Why did you want to join the team?
    To help the players as well, because some volunteers stop being active due to being busy in real life with their jobs, families..etc, so I'd like to be there to help players along with the other volunteers and we can all share our experience and provide players with the information they need.

    Tell us about yourself:
    I'm 17 years old from Egypt, I dislike noise, I'm pretty peaceful, chill, easy going, I tolerate everything, I always help when I can and whenever I do something I put in my mind that if you do good, good things happen to you but, if you do bad, bad things happen to you. So I make sure whatever I do is something good and accepted by people.
    "You're free as long as you don't hurt others."

    Name / Level
    Riadex Lv. 78 (Ranger/Wind Sweeper) (Main character)
    GucciCoffin Lv. 72(Battle Maiden)
    ZerkingFag Lv 54 (Berserker) (PvP character)
    Those are the characters that I use the most. I have other characters as well but they're just alts.
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      Name:Marwen (Łσgσ in discord)
      Timezone:UTC +1
      Language(s):Franch(average) - English(Fluent) - Arabic(native) - Spanish(basic)
      How long have you been playing C9?
      Since 2011 and this my new account i just have 2 years playing with it
      How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?
      i am all the time free and i play 10h-12h
      but sometimes i am busy so i play 6h-7h

      What can you contribute to C9?
      I can help make the game more popular and I have ideas for events that can bring more players
      most of them for free to play players cuz this players need to be op too ^_^

      Why did you want to join the team?
      i just want to help players cuz i have 7 years experience and i love helping ppl
      and Tell them what I have from experience
      and i dont want to be VLT for op things like wings
      i am just want to be VLT to help new players and them all informations they want
      and i am very active person in the game

      Tell us about yourself:
      i am 22 years old, i am from algeria
      i am friendly and helpful i dont like ppl who insulting me i am good person as my friends said
      I am a man who loves the field of games
      I also love Anime but I consider it a hobby only
      I have a lot of friends say I'm a good person
      I love helping people who need religion help
      I love reading books
      i am free to play player
      And that's all
      i like animal like the lion and tigers
      i dont like someone do noise
      I am active person

      Łσgσ: LvL 80
      Ƒєσ: LvL 75 (main char)
      Łσηα: LvL 65
      ƒιηη: LvL 63
      CRKB: LvL 59
      arma444: LvL 57
      TY Webzen
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        Name:You can call me "Jan" for short. (Vengeance/☽Moonlight☾ on discord)
        Server:Rakhdan (EU)
        Timezone:UTC+2, Egypt
        Languages:Arabic (native), English (Fluent), French (average), Russian (basic)

        How long have you been playing C9?

        I started this game in July 2018 so around 5 months ago.
        However,first time I found out and downloaded C9 was like 7 years ago or more but it was the Korean version back then so I was not able to make an account nor play it due to language barriers and such.

        Howmuch time do you spend to C9 daily?

        I'm afraid that is NOT a fixed amount per day.
        Some days,I can play for 6-8 hours of C9 or so and some other days,I can play it for 1 hour to do daily work.
        It depends on whether I'm busy or bored or not.
        But most of time,I play it for at least 3 hours a day or more.

        What can you contribute to C9?

        VLT or not,I like to help new and returning players because,I find it FUN before anything.
        Its always a good sight to see someone else is enjoying the game as well.
        It doesn't cost me ANYTHING to cheer players up here so why not?

        Hence,I'd like to enhance this experience and help the new players as a VLT and then I have a belief that this might have a good impact on the game's reputation as a whole like "Wow,a member of the staff helped me since day 1 on this game,it seems that they care about the game!" and hence a good word of mouth which leads to more new players and game probably getting abit more lively.
        I'm trying to test this plan here.It could start from one but for anything to work,it has to have a start,yes?

        In addition,I'm not so bothered by competing in the game and becoming the best yet I'm much more interested in having FUN even if this fun involves helping others.

        I'm also fond of testing and finding new bugs then reporting them.Its as if wherever I tread,bugs tend to follow.
        When I'm not broke (short on gold),I love to make events (like quiz on world chat or hide and seek) and reward gold or artisans,etc to the winners for fun.
        Last but not least,I'm very active on the C9 discord server most of time and I have Choqo bot as my witness for that.

        Why did you want to join the team?

        Aside from the reasons I mentioned in answer to the last question,I'm interested in being a volunteer as I believe it might gain me new knowledge or experience in my fields of interest (Like customer service).

        I'm not applying for this seeking power or powerful trinkets (like VL wings or auspice).I'd actually prefer not to have such trinkets at all.
        However,I'm always willing to learn and I do value new knowledge and information.When it comes to knowledge,its never enough so I have hopes that being a volunteer could enrich my experience in a way or another while also having fun playing the game.

        To me,a volunteer would mean more responsibility than power as volunteers somewhat represent how the game looks like to the audience (players).
        In my opinion,a volunteer is nothing higher than the average player but its a role that means "I'm here to HELP and NOT to boss players around" so I'm here applying for a better chance to help players (specially new ones) and the game.

        Tell us about yourself

        Well..I'm not sure where to start..
        Anyway,I'm a graduate and I studied business.
        I'm an old gamer.
        I've played many different offline and online games including at least a dozen of MMORPGs from the old like Runescape till the more recent ones like Blade and Soul and I have always been a 100% free player.

        Gaming,chatting,drawing,listening to music and writing are my favourite hobbies.
        I also like writing guides,modding games,designing and criticizing different texts,videos,etc in a polite logical manner and most importantly PERMANENT PRARE COUPONS.
        Nature is my best friend.I love the moon,the sea,the sun,plants,KITTIES,BIRDIES,SPIDERS,ants,bees and almost all other living THINGIES.Nature is just LOVELY as a whole.

        I'm interested in and love to read about chemistry,biology,psychology,philosophy,novels,mys tery and various fields of business.
        I also hate disputes and making enemies and hence I try to respect and be friendly to everyone.
        In my opinion,this game has much potential but in its current state,it has tons of bugs.Probably more than I'm able to report.
        I hate to see such a game with nice potential going down so I wish to help somewhat freshen things up here.

        I do not like the trend most online games (including MMORPGs) are heading towards nowadays where they focus more on competitiveness and end up neglecting the main purpose of games to begin with which is "fun" and hence,I hope I can help players have fun even in such competitive game environment.
        In C9,I enjoy collecting gear(fashion) and books,leveling new characters to try new skills,helping new as well as returning players get some ground in the savage early game economy,NIGHTSTALKER and most importantly PERMANENT PRAAAAAARE COUPOOOON!

        Main Characters:

        NightMoonlight lv 70 Ren Eretique/Nightstalker
        MoonlightPeach lv 70 Lumen Empress/Battle Maiden


        OerbaYunFang lv 64 (Jump character) Cipher/Illusionist
        Unohanna lv 50 Punisher/Slayer
        VioletMoonlight lv 37 Reaperess
        MoonlightViolet lv 38 Erta
        UltraViolet lv 38 Illusionist
        InfraRed lv 37 Valkyrie
        BloodMoon lv 37 Demonisher
        VampireSlayerBuffy lv 37 Slayer

        With all love,I wish you all a good day and the best of luck to the other applicants.♡
        Remember,stay smirky! ㋡
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          Name: Tuncay Tuncay#8095 on discort

          Age: 33

          Server: Rnkdan (EU)

          Timezone:UTC +2

          Languages: Turkish + English (google traslate (average)
          How long have you been playing C9?


          Howmuch time do you spend to C9 daily?

          10-12 hours game

          What can you contribute to C9?

          I can report the deficiencies in the game,
          Why did you want to join the team?

          overlooked simple errors can follow

          Tell us about yourself

          in a word, ambitious and ambitious bi


          Main Characters:

          Adambanko lv 80 Battle maiden
          Yєdiαтмışвєş lv 80 Gunslinger
          Jαѕσηνσσянєєѕ lv 75 Wiking


          ƐXƬŔΛDMƓ lv 72 Walkeria
          Bergen lv 70 Demonisher
          Mαвєllє lv69 Bladedanger
          Fatalstoke lv 70 Blade master
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            Name: Anton - Theruz#8668 on discord
            Age: 21
            Server: Rahkdan(EU)
            Timezone: UTC +1
            Language(s): English, Swedish

            How long have you been playing C9?
            In the beginning of 2013 i made my account, dident play that much until recently.
            In the last 1 and a half year ive been very active.

            How much time do you spend on C9(Daily)?
            I'm a student and have alot of free time on my hand and play about 5-10 hours
            per day.

            What can you contribute to C9?
            I will help out with finding bugs and report problems i either find within the game
            or if other players reaches out with a problem they've had an encounter with,
            also assisting and helping with players issues by relaying it to GM Chibi
            I have a wide knowledge about the game and am willing to share that with
            whomever have a question about anything.
            Example: I know wich skill books are best for your class and where you can farm
            those books. I can help with hard dungeons like Bardiel or Shadow chaos if
            anyone does not know how to complete those dungeons. I would also like
            to share some points on how we can improve the game for the better!
            I want to dedicate myself by helping and assisting in many aspects like forums,
            in-game, discord, etc... Also to help in the community improvement. Helping
            players that are in need in different aspects. Like for example, teaching a new
            player regarding the gameplay mechanics of C9. Listening and getting
            feedbacks from players and communities and relaying it to our GM's and
            developers so that they will know the communities thoughts, wants and needs.

            Why did you want to join the team?
            I would like to help our community grow, put my knowledge of the game to good
            use and help inexperienced players reach their full potential and help them enjoy
            the game as much as i have been for many years. I want to be there for the
            players, a man of the people as you could say.

            Tell us about yourself:
            My name is Anton, I'm 21 years old currently studying computer science at Mid
            Sweden University. I'm a very friendly guy and love animals, games and movies.

            Theruz - 80 BD
            연아 - 76 Battle Maiden
            Crofz - 76 Gunslinger
            Rejjven - 75 Blademaster
            GodsLeftHand - 71 Elementalist
            GodNMighty - 63 Viking
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              Name:Youssef. (Kendo on discord)
              Timezone:UTC+2 Egypt.
              Languages:Arabic (native),English (Fluent),French (Average),Italian (Average)

              How long have you been playing C9?

              I pretty much started c9 in late 2015 I created multiple accounts.
              I have been playing on this one for nearly a year I think.

              How much time do you spend to C9 daily?

              Each day of the week isn't the same.
              Some days I play for 3-6 hours,some the whole day and if I am really that busy 1-2 hours.
              Normally I play it for atleast 3 hours a day.

              What can you contribute in c9?

              Being a VLT or not being one,I have been helping alot of new/returning players even players in need.You may ask me why;It's because I love doing that.Seeing ppl enjoying the game,happy that some stranger they don't even know is willing to help without any favour in return.It warms my heart and it's fun.
              That's why i want to reach the maximum extent of this experience as a VLT helping a new/returning player or even a just player that needs some help.It will have a major effect on the community.The new players will realise that the staff cares about the new players that means they do care about the community so much.
              I will also report bugs I find (already have some in mind).And I am active on discord ready to help anyone.I will contribute in event and making them.

              Why did you want to join the team?

              I pretty much mentioned alot of reasons about why I wanted to join the team and become a VLT I want to reach the maximum extent of my experience with the players as I will help them enjoy the game in every way i can.
              And most importantly I never wanted to become a VLT to obtain these powerful items like the wing or the auspice.
              Being a VLT means that I should help the players and neither be boastful about being VLT nor show off.
              If I end up getting rejected after all it won't matter to me.I won't break down and stop instead i will try harder helping the players making the community better.I will change for the better.

              Tell us about yourself:

              I am a 16 year old student 11th grade.One of my hobbies is gaming,I have started gaming since i was a child.I love FPS and MMORPGs.
              I like reading,working out,listening to music,hanging out with friends and i watch anime too.
              I love animals.


              MightyKendo lvl 71 Crow/Shadow
              BlendingIce。lvl 63 Viking
              ConsecutiveBullets lvl 45 Gunslinger
              ThatOneViking lvl 41 Viking

              I hope yall have a nice day good luck to all the applicants.I love yall,peace out and Kendo out!
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                Name: Ozcan (Ozi) FataLShoot#5721 on Discord
                Age: 36
                Server: EU
                Time Zone: Istanbul
                Language (s): Turkish(main language), English (intermediate level usually I use the program.)

                How long have you been playing C9?
                I opened my account in closed beta. I've been playing since the game was opened, but there were no gaps between them.
                How much time do you spend on C9 (Daily)?
                If I work 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours 8 hours in the game, but I'm constantly Discord channel.
                What can you join in C9?
                I like to listen to people's problems and offer solutions. It is important how you evaluate what your life does not give you.
                Why did you want to join the team?
                I was not enough to help one of my friends talking to my language to talk more about the game because I was speaking to my language.
                Tell us about yourself:
                I'm a patient, friendly, open to ideas and innovations, open to criticism, listening to everyone regardless of age or position, and usually the most reasonable one.

                Admira / 80 / Elementalist (main)
                ∂мgqυєєη/75/Valkyria Grande
                кαяєηєℓѕση/ 70 / Iliphia Rose
                DebbyLee/ 70 / Soulreaper
                JhonWesleyHardin / 71 / Gear Executor
                GoldieErtains / 50 / Erta
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                  Server:Rakhdan (EU)
                  Timezone:mainly UTC+2, Romania
                  Languages: English (Fluent), Japanese (Average), Russian (Native),Romanian(Native).

                  How long have you been playing C9?

                  I started playing C9 since it released in Korea , been playing it since them with little breaks from time to time .

                  Howmuch time do you spend to C9 daily?

                  I'm afraid that is NOT a fixed amount per day.
                  Some days,I can play for 5-10 hours maybe even whole day , sometimes i can play only few minutes or hours , but im trying to play as much as i can .

                  What can you contribute to C9?

                  I like to help new and returning players ,i've been doing it always and won't stop because,you never know when you will need help or just some fun chatting .
                  Its always a good sight to see someone else is enjoying the game as well.

                  In addition,I'm not so bothered by competing in the game and becoming the best yet I'm much more interested in having FUN even if this fun involves helping others.

                  When im tired and can't have some fun in the game , I like making events (like quiz on world chat or hide and seek) and reward gold so everyone can have their moment of glory by winning or just have some fun competing , and i think there should be more events like this .

                  Why did you want to join the team?

                  Aside from the reasons I mentioned in answer to the last question,I'm interested in being a volunteer as I believe it might gain me new knowledge or experience in my fields of interest (Like customer service).

                  I'm always willing to learn something new .

                  Tell us about yourself

                  Well..I'm not sure where to start..
                  I didn't finish neither school or university , yet im living by myself since i was young and now im working as a web-designer and im pretty good at it .
                  I've played many different games including most of the MMORPGs .

                  Gaming,chatting,drawing and working that's what im doing all day.
                  I also like writing guides,modding games.

                  In C9,I enjoy collecting gear(fashion) and books,leveling new characters to try new skills,helping new as well as returning players get some ground in the savage early game economy.

                  Main Character:

                  SexyCiscO(warden , LvL.67 my first character on EU server)


                  too many to enumerate , mostly using :
                  xSelfie(battle maiden , LvL.77)

                  With all respect,I wish you all a good day and the best of luck to the other applicants.
                  And remember don't be a cookie , better enjoy the cookie .


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                    Name: David
                    Age: 29
                    Server: Rakhdan
                    Time zone: UTC +1
                    Languages: I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese and Italian .

                    how long have you been playing c9:

                    i’ve playing C9 since beta. About 6 years .

                    How many hours do playing a day:

                    I play around 9-10 hours a day. And up to 11 hours a day on weekends. I’m also very active on discord server, so I could be reached there at any time. And I will answer in about 2 to 5 minutes.

                    What can you contribute to c9:

                    I could help implement new events so players can enjoy themselves. Help find bugs or flags within the game and report them to c9 development team. I could answer any question new players may have in game and on discord. Questions regarding tips, strategies, tips, etc. I could organize pvp mini events where everyone would use fair equipment and do it at least once a week, like a mini tournament. I could also organize intrusion mini tournaments where people who kill the most whitin a given time frame (30 mins) will get prizes. I could also host team deathmatches pvp using equal equipment (aka GvG Gear as an example) and host great duels with good prizes for winners. All these tournaments will be recorded and placed on YouTube for the benefit of the game. I could also host an event in which you party with other players and team up to defeat VL team in death match with same gear, successful Wining teams will get great prizes and all players would receive fair prizes for participating. Another event could be to submit pvp combos and the longest combo would win. Another event would be submitting pvp combos and this time the best looking combo would win. I have lots of ideas about events like this ones. I could also help make events that would drop better items for players to help encourage them to farm. Basically I would be hosting pvp and instruían events weekly and pve events according to webzen’s agenda. And answering questions from players all day long . Basically if I am given some prizes and the authority to do so , I am confident I could make pvp and intrusion extremely active with weekly events and great prizes.

                    Why do you want to join the team?:

                    I feel that I have acquired a lot of knowledge about c9 all these years and I would like to use all that knowledge to make the game more attractive to current and new players, by hosting all the previously mentioned events/matches.

                    Tell us about yourself:

                    I am a systems engineer students currently going for a masters degree. I love video games. However, my #1 passion has always been c9. I love the pvp mechanics, it’s simply genious and unique. Pve system is also amazing and flashy. I love c9 pvp system and intrusion it one of the greatest passions in life. I love surfing and fishing. I also enjoy going out with friends and family for dinner or to a party. I drink and smoke socially. I like watching Netflix series and eating pizza and tasty food everyday. Yum!! . I also enjoy playing, walking and taking my Shiba Inu dog to the dog park . He is my baby.

                    Main character:

                    M3talsoul777 (maiden) lvl 80

                    Alt character:

                    marita562 (bd) level 75
                    m3talsoul666 (gunner) level 75
                    xkswutyj (Valkyrie) level 70

                    Thanks for for caring about the game we all love, have a great day.

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                      u kidding right?

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                    Name: Dave (Phantasiaaa#2120 on discord) - Or as most discord call me: Daddy Dave.

                    Age: 28

                    Server: Rahkdan(EU)

                    Timezone: UTC +1

                    Language(s): Dutch (native), English fluent, german to a point.

                    How long have you been playing C9?: 6 years around this time.

                    How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?: 3-5 hours

                    What can you contribute to C9?:
                    I can contribute tons of knowledge, i know ins and outs of c9 pretty much.
                    there is nothing about c9 that i do not know off so its easy to share tips with others.

                    Why did you want to join the team?:
                    I wanted to see active VLT's that can share their tips and help giving players info, next to that all i think i can be a great attribute with my years of experience in c9 itself. I've got alot of knowledge about the ins and outs of c9, the bugs, the abuse.
                    i think my knowledge with whats going on ingame and being an active member on discord and interaction with most of the c9 eu server community is a something of good value. Also i would like to add that because my actvity in both ingame and discord helps me voice other people's concerns and opinions about ongoing event and rewards so that everyone has their voice heard.

                    Tell us about yourself:
                    I'm Dave, most like to call me "Daddy Dave" it started as somewhat for a troll to make people laugh and cheer up their day and it grew into something bigger, im sure plenty know how i am, some see me as a troll but those who get closer know i'm always there to help. I'm currently leading the BrotherHood Discord server as main admin so that our guild could grow closer together and help people out on a smaller scale.. but now that there's an open application for VLT i would like to expend my expertise in both discord and c9 to further help progress this game and its players.

                    Name / Level
                    SavageBear - 80 - Current Main (Viking)
                    Snowflake - 80 - Old main (Bladedancer)
                    Celine17 - 76 - Valkery
                    CeIine17 -76 - Valkery
                    Celine15 - 76 - illusionist
                    Celine13 - 37 - Maiden
                    Celine18 - 80 - Demonisher
                    Snowflakeee - 76 - Bladedancer
                    MiniSnowflake - 62 - Bladedancer
                    SurvivalKing - 63 - Gunslinger
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                      Name: Danilo Paulino / Discord: Paulino
                      Age 28
                      Server: EU (Rakhdan)
                      Timezone: UTC -2
                      Language (s): Portuguese / English

                      How long have you been playing C9?

                      My story in Webzen started at 16 years old playing Mu Online but with C9 starting in 2010 even before the launch of C9 Seal By Webzen, on the occasion I played on the server KR, Then I played C9 by Webzen from 2012 to 2014 during the first two years, I returned to the game about 6 months and during this period I tried to update myself of the news and changes.

                      How much time do you spend to C9 (Daily)?

                      Between 4 and 6 hours.

                      What can you contribute to C9?

                      In my first participation in the team of volunteers I helped mainly translating several contents into Portuguese, giving direct support to GM Indopa (Nathan Ryu). Develop updated content of the game in different languages, one of the difficulties I had when I returned was the absence of a single source where I could update and get all my doubts about the game. Despite the discord where the Vls and other players are very helpful I believe that this information can be improved, I have already done this type of work in the C9 itself and in other games including the creation of a Fan Site. If you want more information I can send links, after request,

                      Why did you want to join the team?

                      I like to have an active stance in the community of the game that I am playing, when we are talking about a mmo social aspect is one of the pillars of this genre and it is part of my profile to be proactive and to help the community and the players. I believe that as a Webzen Volunteer I can play this role more efficiently.

                      Tell us about yourself:

                      I followed the construction of the server C9 Seal Webzen, I was part of the first team of VLs recruited even before the servers were opened, appointed for indopa "C9 ambassadors", i participated in the later IBT, CBT and OBT. I helped the C9 team develop the first guide for beginners. In my day to day i'm work and during the night I like to have fun playing online games I have this habit since the 16 years when I met Mu Online as my first Online Game. I'm pós graduated in Finance and have a well-established professional career, I hope I can help the team.

                      Name / Level

                      Paulinno / 76 and farming

                      By Paulino

                      Thank You


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                        Name: Tahmid (Discord: Bluescorpionn) - Already in the C9 discord channel.
                        Age : 22
                        Server : EU Rakhdan
                        Timezone : GMT
                        Language : English

                        How long have you been playing C9?
                        I've been playing for about 4-5 years.

                        How much time do you spend on C9 (Daily) ?
                        I play pretty much every day (apart from exam-season) realistically about 4-6 hours. Not going to lie and say I'm on 12 hours... being afk doesn't really count as spending time in C9 in my opinion as you can't really assist most the time.

                        What can you contribute to C9?
                        Extremely fluent in English, I can communicate really well with new players and share my knowledge of the game. Also available on discord a majority of the time.
                        A team-worker, willing to help other VL's set up tournaments or in-game events be it a leader or a helper.
                        Always there to help others when needed and if asked.
                        Help with reporting in-game issues and suggesting ideas from the community to improve the game.
                        I may not have the 'strongest' character in C9 but my caring nature and assistive stance can be a great asset to the community and new players... which I feel like C9 needs to increase its player base.

                        Why do you want to join the team?
                        I want to join the team as I've been playing C9 for quite some time be it I have had gaps due to personal circumstances. I feel like my personal characteristics would suit the character of a VLT who is meant to be caring and knowledgeable and helping the community. I also feel like through a position of VLT I may have more of a 'right' to promote or create/assist in in-game events. I feel like I can also assist the team in determining what is needed to make the game better as a collective group in deciding than just an individual stance. The game C9 a mmo is not a typical one, it has so much more of an opportunity to become a bigger game and more popular, I feel through me relaying suggestions of the community and myself, or external areas of information such as reviews the game can be improved, which would be the best for C9 and Webzen.

                        Tell us about yourself:
                        I'm currently a Law Student in the UK, spending most the of my time on C9 and my degree. I really enjoy C9 as a game and feel like it has so much more potential. I'd say I'm of caring character as well as having a decent knowledge of the game. I'm always there to help people out as much as I can and do believe I will contribute and assist the c9 community to be it through helping new players out in the game or perhaps potentially starting to create a more clear guide on c9 soon? So that players have a forum to learn about the game more clearly. I also feel like due to my communication skills and team working ability I can hopefully make a players day every day.

                        ThisIsmyBelly - Level 70
                        SugarFreeRedBull - 72
                        Bluescorpionn - 67
                        Slayerr- 63
                        Epsilonn - 50
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                          Name: Noel [My Discord name is BANKS#2440]
                          Age: 18
                          Server: EU [Rahkdan]
                          Timezone: GMT [+1.00 from UTC]
                          I speak German natively, learned English in School for about 11 years (still Studying it) and right now I am learning Spanish aswell.

                          How long have you been playing C9?
                          For over 6 years (since 2012)

                          How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?
                          Usually i am Online in C9 all day long, actively playing would be approximately 3-5h

                          What can you contribute to C9?
                          I know alot about the PvP System, am very willing to help newer and older People with their Questions and Problems and also really just want everyone to have a fun time playing the game that i personally like the most since 2012

                          Why did you want to join the team?
                          I recently changed very much. I used to be very toxic and offensive towards other players and now regret my choices. I hope that the good things I do and did someday overweight the bad things. I want to help players and show the older people that might know me, that i really am not a bad person. I think this game could be much more fun with people enjoying it. I think I can bring in alot of effort to making the private and general gamespace a much more positive place to just enjoy and have fun in. Also I could bring up suggestions to make this game even more enjoyable and also bring the community abit closer to the C9 GM-Team since I personally think I am a very active player.

                          Tell us about yourself:
                          I recently got my name legally changed to Noel (since the 1st of January), am 18 years of age and enjoy spending my time with positive things such as:
                          Gaming, Animals, School, Family, Friends and much more. Recently had a very bad state of health and overthought alot of my choices in life. I used to be a very intoverted kind of Person, got mad easily and wasted my time on things that I didnt really enjoy. I now really do think that if something is a thing that makes you: mad, sad, aggressive or just makes you feel like you waste your time, you should really just stop doing it. I was a very active PvP Player and used to be very toxic and outgoing on people that I either lost to or had bad Internet connection to, now i rarely ever join PvP and if I do I enjoy it. If something starts making me feel anyhow uncomfortable or negative i just stop doing it. In my freetime I also work in an Animal Shelter volunteerly and study for my 13th year of School. Soon will be either making a vocational training or go to University in Cologne/Germany

                          Name / Level

                          Brékšta BANKS / 80

                          To everyone I ever offended I want you to know I am deeply sorry. Good luck to every single applicant, thanks in advance


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                          Name :Umutcan
                          Age :24
                          Server :Eu Rakhdan
                          Timezone :Eu/İstanbul
                          Language(s): Turkish(main) English( a good level of)

                          How long have you been playing C9?

                          - I've been playing since closed beta.

                          How much time do you spend to C9(Daily)?

                          - I can be Online for 10 Hours every day. 8 hours of professional work.

                          What can you contribute to C9?

                          - I love all the players in the game and I want to help them. I Love problem solving.

                          Why did you want to join the team?

                          - to help players, to lighten your load and enjoy playing this game

                          Tell us about yourself:

                          -My name umutcan, 24 years old, I live in istanbul I'm successful in my career I'm dealing with tourism business

                          MrUmtcn / Valkrie Granede /80 (main)
                          Exileee / Gunner / 76