Greetings, C9 Actionists,

Here are list of players who will receive a weapon upgrade on the second batch.

Be aware that the second batch is ONLY for players who submitted the first survey (which was closed in like 2 hours), and those who submitted on the second survey but didn't put in the right character name.

Also, the event is only once per account, so whoever got their weapon on the Nov. 27 was excluded from this list.

Please note, that the exchange will be done during the maintenance tomorrow (Dec. 11), and make sure you have your weapons equipped.

Thank You
Server Nickname
US 〖DS〗Hans
US razulio
US Firesupport
US Chikamaru
US Evilswords
US voyconvos1
US illiana
SEA DayDreamヒヤシンス
SEA AustineClaus•
SEA 클라우스
SEA YuraSeirA
SEA Yuudachii
SEA Leporem
SEA Hinray
SEA Vogel Im Kafig
SEA jinle
SEA Red✡String✡Cloud✡9
SEA PowderRanger
SEA Jex3words
SEA 무사을지문덕
SEA SirFurholden
SEA xbxx4
EU DemonicTornado
EU SσÐ≛PιεяcιиgSиιρεя≛
EU Ϝaptality
EU ʀоse
EU Αbel