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The attack damage of Glacial Shot from which weapons?dual guns or muskets?

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  • The attack damage of Glacial Shot from which weapons?dual guns or muskets?

    And Air Stinger? which weapon is the main weapon of Gunslinger

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    Glacial shot explosion damage on hit is from the musket, icicles damage of the perfect book is from dual guns.
    Air stinger explosion damage is from the musket (not 100% sure here, but nobody really uses this in the end game anyway), skills resonance damage is from dual guns.
    GS has to enhance both weapons highly, because there are useful and damaging skills/books for both weapons. You have to pay to be op.


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      Air Stringers are summons. All summons use right weapon stats, so Dual Guns.

      Glacial Shot uses both weapons. Shot is from musket, but the snowstorm is a summon so its from Dual Guns.

      If you have both those books (at least Glacial Shot p-rare) then you should focus on your Dual Guns, Musket is not that important then.

      Musket starts to matter when you have Buster Shot p-rare. This skill is from Musket only. It's not as OP as Glacial Shot, but it's preaty damn close.

      Rakhdan (EU)



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        you have specific examples, test videos because I'm really not sure when I test with or without a gun the result changes mainly because of the lost crit damage + the STR I would like to have more information on this subject

        thank you


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          This is because your weapon was weak and you barely see any difference. Get a dual gun with at least 3-4k attack and you will see the big difference. In such case if you unequip dual guns, there will be no misses, but the damage will be used from your own attack.
          Also don't forget that summons are not affected by +% critical damage bonus, therefore neither glacial shot, no air stinger can deal increased critical damage.


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            Are you sure that summons do not benefit from bonuses (crit damage, Raebin damage, ...)?
            Is it also the case for all other characters (that summons are not affected by char's bonuses)?
            Is there anybody who did test (with a video) the difference between a dual guns +9 and with a dual guns +15 when using prare glacial shot for instance?
            If you are right, it should be good for Webzen to update the damage description of the gunner's skills (prare glacial shot) to mention that the damages of the snowstorm and from the Air Stinger resonance is from Dual Guns.


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              Summons do not benefit only from the critical damage bonus.
              Webzen doesn't specify which weapon a certain book relies on, you have to discover many things on your own. Like 70% effective concentration cap and others.


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                thanks for the answer and actually the difference between my weapons were too weak to see a real change of damage after several tries with a friend we reached the same conclusion as you