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[HELP] Need some help with farming in c9 world !

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  • [HELP] Need some help with farming in c9 world !

    Hi guys!
    I was out of c9 for 2 years and i just got back to play this game
    but... so much thing changes and my old methods of farming gold are not working anymore!!!
    Sooo can anyone here tell me what i do to farm??
    Where i go ?
    What i can farm to sell ?
    What is the best place to farm?
    And whats the new meta in this game ?

    Ps: I'm a guardian lvl 70 with both ultimates
    Ps²: the only way to farm gold that i know is the survival...

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    Besides survival you can check Trading Office and see what mats for crafting are more expensive and you can farm them and sell them, for example now the Wobboo Skin mat wich is needed to craft ultimate weapons is kinda expensive, so you can farm that. Another way can be (since you are allready lvl 70) you can search for a party and farm Nightmare Mode 67 or 70 for Traces of Nightmare wich sells for around 45 k each, Nm 67 is easier if you have books, NM 70 is a bit harder so you need a good party or good enhancement on your weapon.
    If you have good gear you can search for a good party and do Chaos Spire Extreme wich drops lvl 65 perfect accesories sometimes wich you can sell.
    You can do Tower runs to get baits from the end stage chest, go fishing , get fishing coins, sell them like that or exchange them for Artisan Crystals and sell them.

    That s all I can thing of for now, hope it helps


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      Hello guys,

      I would just like to affirm Ganciov's suggestions.

      Likewise, I also suggest the following:

      a. buy & sell stuffs (gears, mats, etc...)
      b. take risks in enhancing weapons (of course with the intention of selling the produce)
      c. on the same breadth, take risks in crafting "trendy" stuffs e.g. master equips, unique remodels, etc...
      d. sell master ores (n.b. if ever you have many old jumping dummy accounts, try to extract all of the bound master equips)
      e. participate well in events where you can easily get "sellable" items

      Hope these ideas help all players.

      for other questions you may always send me private messages.


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        In addition to what the above players mentioned, you can have a stable income if you make use of the pet expedition system. But you need to have some budget to buy pets. If you have like no gold to start with, start farming traces in party if you can't solo and then sell them. Then buy pet eggs regardless of their generation but grab those that are of low prices.

        Next, send your pets to Wealth Cave, the more pets you have, the more gold you get. You will need 4 pets on each character (minimum of 12 characters). Just put 3 pets in each expedition compartment unless you have more than 4 pets in each character. Ccalculation of gold goes as follow:

        If you have 4 pets on each of the 12 characters in your account, you can get 700k gold for each pet or set of pet; 2.8m per each character; 33.6m per day; 235.2m per week. Just make sure to log every 24 hours and grab gold from each character.

        Game Guide


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          To farming itself, there is a question of why doing it for profit only. If for in-game profit, you maximize that 1000x better by spending equal amount of time in real life working and spend real money in this game.


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            Thanks for all the suggest guys !!!
            I'll try all of what you guys said...
            But i'm not feeling much about woobos ... 12 mob kills only 2 woobos haha !
            Nightmare... Im doing some when it possible.. when friends go there i join em... now i know the correct price for ea ill sell some !!! have 500 already ! ty
            Chaos spire: IDK i never done it before and my gear are not that good ... shield at +12 only ... idk if i have enough dmg !!!
            Im going tower 4-5x each day but i really dont know what should i get to sell !!! ( have more than 2k coins, any good exchange item to sell ? and price?)
            Master ores... i just back to play when jump are gone haha !!! very unlucky !
            About events... yeah im doing well... already got 500 primers last week and pbbly will get more 1k this week !
            I like that thing about pet expe but... i dont know how much i can pay for an egg... any price suggest ???
            @Jodhi: im looking for the best... i was asking for guildmates what is the best thing to farm ... some of em say WOOBOS some of em say GO FISHING. So im trying to do both !!!
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              If you are in US server, eggs are roughly sold for around 30m. It'll start slow, but once you get more pets, you'll notice the difference in your daily income that later on you can increase it by increasing your character slots with more pets. With 23 characters (current max characters per account), you can get up to 64.4m per day; 450.8m per week! Believe me it's worth it if you really want a stable income!

            • Minwo0
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              Yes, im from US server and thanks again ! ill try get some pets !