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[Suggestion] Setting up of a test server and a forum thread dedicated for developer

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  • [Suggestion] Setting up of a test server and a forum thread dedicated for developer

    There are demand for players wishing to communicate with developers to discuss game mechanics, but there is no channel for them to do this. Big game companies like PWE has its own test server for each of their games and a dedicated forum for discussion between developer and the players. I suggest C9 create a test server dedicated to developers and players to try out whatever plans that has been implemented prior to release to main servers. As well as a forum that is dedicated for developer and players for discussion of in-game mechanics.

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    I would really love to see that. I don't think we need to have a mediator like C9 support team to act as a 'channel' to deliver suggestions to devs because from what I have seen lately, they fail to carry out this task 'properly'. We need to close the gap between C9 community and devs, but it seems the problem lies within the devs, I'm afraid. Otherwise, they would have initiated without asking them in the first place.

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      We must have hope, it's been long time where you could not see to GM, whit Dio we hope and he can fix many problems and doubts. He can mediate betwen in players and devs, the idea of the test server is not bad


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        As much as I would like for this to happen as well.. I think it is very unlikely that the devs would reach out to here, rather that the reports that me and the C9 Customer Support provide. While I do get the grounds on what you guys are suggesting, much like Reddit's AMA threads. I will try to suggest this idea to them.


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          Been there done that.
          After countless hours of player working on the test server to test stuff for rakdan elite patch.
          The developers simply deployed different version.

          So hours of testing and bug search meant nothing.