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[Suggestion] Auto Recovery option and pets attack/buff mode improvement

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  • [Suggestion] Auto Recovery option and pets attack/buff mode improvement

    In very engaging battles like survival and extreme dungeons, the need to pay attention to HP as well as MP is stressful at times. A simple tweak or option can be added in which a player can set a threshold e.g. HP/MP below 50% [adjustable] at which recovery items in shortcut can be activated without the need to access it manually. The same goes for pets where ranged classes have to get closer to a target so that pets activates their offensive attacks and healing/buff effects. This has to have an option to activate at certain conditions specifically healing.

    Also, pets attack mode has to be improved. I believe they should have the ability to deal normal attacks (like deal small damage) and execute skills (deal high damage). Of course an option to disable normal attacks and skills has to be added separately in case we feel that they interfere with offense strategy like when breaking dimensional fissure shields. Lastly, all offense and healing type pets should have short ranged and long ranged skills that can be activated according to the distance from targets.

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    I wish Pets had an auto-attack OFF option, i just want the buffs of damage when im fighting Dimensionals, if they keep attacking it just kills my chance to do a good combo to break the Dimensional's shield :S
    Waiting for the game going back to their roots~