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[Suggestion] Account-wise Extra Skill Book Slot Extension effect

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  • [Suggestion] Account-wise Extra Skill Book Slot Extension effect

    Even though I'm not in favor for Extra Skill Book Slot being bound to time, I find the idea of making extension works only on one character is not profiting. The cost is so high if we consider buying many slot keys and extensions for multiple characters. The least I can request to change is the effect of extension should apply to all characters in one account instead of one character. This will surely make players buy Extra Skill Book keys for many characters instead of their main only. Still, I prefer to have Extra Skill Book Slot not bound to time to even increase the sale of this cash shop item.

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    Just like Skill Presets, interesting idea at a stupidly high cost that only 1% of the playerbase will purchase
    Waiting for the game going back to their roots~