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[Suggestion] Reworking Skill Level to link with Skill Book system

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  • [Suggestion] Reworking Skill Level to link with Skill Book system

    As all skill books have a corresponding skills of the class, the problem with the skills is if there is lack of sp, players are forced to either reduce the skill level or to skip the skill altogether. It is possible to have skill books with enhance level that correspond to the respective skill's level.

    I suggest to have up to +25 for each skill book. The way to enhance it is through consuming another skill book of the same grade, but does not need to be of the same book, for example rare can only consume rare, prare can only consume prare, each book consumed add exp.1/10 (this figure can be adjusted by the developer, instead of 10, it can be 15, 20, 25, etc), 10 book consumed make exp.10/10 which result in Lv 1/25, then consuming another book make the circle start again at exp.1/10, another 9 books results in exp.10/10 and Lv.2/25, and so on. These two set of figures should make visible preferably below the word 'Grade' of the skill book.

    The method of consuming is similar to the Pet system interface, where the option 'Select an Equip.' is replace with 'Select a Skill Book', the 'Feed all..' is replaced with 'Consumed all...' and the word after is replaced with 'Magic', 'Rare' and 'Perfect' respectively. There is a need to create a separate storage for skill book with two sections, one section is for storing wanted skill books, so they cannot be consumed by accident, another is for consuming purpose.

    This system should make the skill more powerful if the skill level already maxed with sp, but the number of skill that can be affected is limited by the number of skill book slots. For PVP mode that aimed at balancing, it can be set to ignored this enhancement level of skill book.

    For skill that is max at level 1, a rework of these skills is necessary in order to give additional damage, effect or bonus that can increment with the additional levels provided by the skill book system.

    The enhanced level of a skill book from the main skill book slot should be stackable with the enhanced level of similar skill book from the extra skill book slot, for example 25+25=50, this is to make boosting one or two skills to high damage possible, so Lv. 50+ (max. level by sp) = Lv. (max enhanced level of a skill).

    A skill book with existing enhanced level can be use for consuming by another skill book, and the total exp. will be received, but if the receiving skill book already have some enhanced exp., and so unable to received all the exp., the consuming process will stopped and give a note of explanation of the error.

    To sum up the benefits of the addition of this system:

    1. Players received immediate boost to their class's skill damage without needing additional rework of the class in this area.

    2. Additional source of increasing damage beside weapon enhancement become available. The imbalance in PVE created by op players with high enhancement will be reduced by up to 50% (as a potential in this skill book mechanics which are opened for further improvements like 1st, 2nd re-awakening, etc. which are not yet suggested here).

    3. Increasing demand for skill books: stimulates sales of skill slot expansion key/ticket, and skill book chest in cash shop.
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    My opinion about the Extra Skill Slot Key/Ticket, at present the only benefit is the extra effect from two additional skill books, which is not enough to justified the cost (even if it can be share between characters), unless those two skill books result in game changing effect. For example, after incorporating my previously suggested skill level enhancement in the skill book system to make the two extra slot able to boost the enhanced level of the skill higher, I am sure people will aim for two similar skill book in the two extra slots which add the total additions of +75( 25+25+25=75) skill levels to a skill before sp, the amount of damage boosted by +75 is yet unknown, these are open for adjustment so that at maxed level of each book prior to re-awakening (which is at +25) should boost attack similar to the damage at around 15% of a +20 weapon damage.

    Maximum potential power boost of this system (without stacking with books from the Extra Skill Slot) through two subsequent re-awakening of the skill book with 100% increment at each re-awakening is set at 45% of a +20 weapon damage so that it does not completely overpower the weapon enhancement system.

    The method and condition for 1st re-awakening of a skill book:

    1. The max enhancement level need to be completed, i.e. EXP. 10/10; Lv. 25/25.
    2. One book of similar grade and name is required to be consumed.
    3. Once consumed a book of similar grade and name, all exp. and lv. are reset as EXP. 0/10; Lv.0/50.
    4. The word 'Reawakening: 1' should appear below the two set of figures.

    The method and condition for 2nd re-awakening of a skill book:

    1. The max enhancement level need to be completed, i.e. EXP. 10/10; Lv. 50/50.
    2. One book of similar grade and name is required to be consumed.
    3. Once consumed a book of similar grade and name, all exp. and lv. are reset as EXP. 0/10; Lv.0/75.
    4. The word 'Reawakening: 2' should appear below the two set of figures.

    The above figures are based on Prare book, for Common, Magic and Rare book, their max. enhanced level differed as shown below:
    1. Common book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/5
    2. Magic book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/10
    3. Rare book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/15

    1st re-awakening:
    1. Common book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/10
    2. Magic book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/20
    3. Rare book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/30

    2nd re-awakening:
    1. Common book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/15
    2. Magic book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/30
    3. Rare book, EXP. 0/10; Lv. 0/45

    This is to prevent players from becoming op by abusing this system using Common and Magic book which can be easily farmed.
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      What the whole skill book system doesn't need is overcomplication of such sort. People spend years to get a single book they want, this is quite complicated enough already.
      And the skill level bonus is a poor thought feature and must have a lot of limitations, which complicates development even more, and hardly adds something to the game, where, as i already mentioned above, players spend years to find desired books.
      Additional slots cost a lot, but consider this as another level of weapon enhancement, which is already almost exclusively a cash shop feature.


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        Its aim is to boost one or two skills of a class which can make the skill's advantage of a class more apparent, overwise the present weapon enhancement system at higher level make a class's skill indistinctive and it amplify the impression of P2W where ultimately it is the equipment wins over skills or class advantage.

        This system is not complicated, it simply do away the unwanted RNG as a new system (but do not replace the old one), it provided the needed depth for further improvement, but does not force players to fulfilled all the potential immediately in order to improve their characters. Players can choose to make extra skill slot, but without one does not make them unable to play, since the depth is already deep enough for the main skill slot due to 1st and 2nd re-awakening.

        Also this system make up the inability to find desire book, but still enable the players to boost their skill damage with somewhat undesirable skill book (for example, a wanted skill from the book set that is not wanted), and even without needing the set effect in order to gain the additional damage. Furthermore, instead of combining an unwanted Prare book and almost 99% result in wastage, it provide opportunity to use the unwanted book for enhancement of the skill levels that directly boost damage.

        Of course, cash player may become more powerful but as long as this new system is for PVE only, who care if they can kill bossess faster, it is the farmer who can farm for skill book benefit more from this system.

        Skill level bonus feature is actually a needed feature for PVP because it amplify the distinctive feature of a class. In Swordmans OL, they used to have up 25 possible levels through RNG (rolling) of their equipments. The aim is to boost a single skill up to 25 times more powerful where each level is a 50% boost of damage. If one day Webzen considered a PVP mode with unbalance feature, then this system can be incorporate to boost class distinction in Arena.

        The reason I choose the skill book system to incorporate this feature is because there is a link of the skill to the skill book system, that's why I associate the idea with it, instead of incorporating it in the equipment system.
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          I'm not against this system, but not all skills should receive an increase, and also all this should be absolutely apart from the skill book system.


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            Skills that have effects will have these effects capped at their original level, also skill levels by sp should not be effected, the level boosted by this system will be purely the damage of the skill and should be adjusted according to the rate previously mentioned.

            Only the skills that have a corresponding skill books in the slot will be affected, players will naturally choose the best skill/s of their class where available.

            The old skill book system are not affected, what is affected is the visual information of this system will appeared on the skill book.


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              Hmmm, While I'm currently in the process of reading the whole post, the Skill book "eating" or rather "Uncapping" is a decent idea.. Duplicate / Trash books could be used as fodder. Much like how Granblue Fantasy's Uncap / Upgrade works (Link for reference). Realistically speaking, I think a major thing like that could be both a lot of work as well as hard to implement. Still, it's a great idea overall.