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[Suggestion] Reworking Ultimate Fury Skills and related Skillbooks

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  • [Suggestion] Reworking Ultimate Fury Skills and related Skillbooks

    Some classes have static skill animation where you either press one key and/or change skill direction [Warden, Gunslinger, Warrior, Demonisher, etc] while others can be fully controlled, performing some additional attacks [Guardian, Viking, Battle Maiden, Reaperess, etc]. And apparently, many prefers the latter as it allows you to chase after your enemy that is out of your skill range. Moreover, there is lack of Ultimate Fury Skill [UFS] skill books for many classes that I'm not sure if WEBZEN has forgotten this part of classes improvement. Maybe because it belongs to a lesser skill book set (Okapia). But here I believe it is time to awaken the true power of UFS and make it more useful in PvE:

    1- UFS skill book should not be part of a skill book set but rather should have a unique slot in the skill book library user interface that is not associated with any skill book set.

    2- UFS skill book is used to awaken the true form of UFS; basically like a transformation skill in which a class evolves temporarily into a supreme form that can be freely controlled and also has its own set of skills.

    3- Since this skill book can be obtained from Lv 50 Hell Mode (or as a random result from combine), upgrade materials can be added to the higher Extreme modes e.g. Bardiel's Seal and Chaos Spire. I would call this material Bardiel's Essence and Artesia's Essence respectively. The item is account bound so that it can be used for other characters in the same account, also it will help in increasing replayability of lower extreme mode dungeons in the future. Note that you cannot upgrade UFS skill book using Artesia's Essence before using Bardiel's Essence. Upgrading UFS skill book basically adds a more powerful skill to the awakened form.

    4- It's advisable to have a distinctive awakening form for each class e.g. Valkyrie [Angel with halo-like wings], Warrior [Fire Titan], Nightalker [Succubus with a very long range whip, also summons Ashe Med momentarily just like summoning Gravito but with a cooldown of 5 secs], Illusionst turns into an airborne supreme being that teleports instantly, performing several devastating attacks including summoning Lindbrum and cast Soul Aura that provides regenerative healing at the same time. Gunslinger can transform into a Mecha that launches wide range homing missiles and can also float to greatly increase his movement speed. These are just examples of how classes' UFS can be developed.

    5- UFS lasts for at least 60 secs

    6- UFS removes all negative status changes [debuffs] while retaining buffs

    7- Awakened form can be used in survival mode, but Fury potions and Fury effect bonus from weekly bonus don't apply. This will make Fury bonus in skill book set effects and skill books from Chaos Spire more useful.
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    I like most of this suggestion, i'd say leave survival alone because it's already pretty easy to clear but making UFS popular again and viable for all classes would be awesome for chaos spire, having fury pots that u can spam forever will be the only problem with this, so there would need to be a huge cooldown that possibly does not reset when u die


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      I read the topic with excitement because it's a idea that has been around in many of us players heads. I agree to the full content, except the last point made on survival.. this has always been a non-fury place, i think it's for the best keeping it that way.


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        Are good suggestions, but first they should fix erta UFS and second i would like the UFS dont remove any buffs from food or special potions


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          As i said on the other topic:

          Guys you should stop making these stupid books with lame bonuses for PVE and even worse with the CHANCE %, like seriously... some skills have a high cooldown = even less chances to make the effect work

          You should make em 100% Chance to work and please PLEASE get rid of these PATHETIC bonuses:

          -Damage over Time like Burn, Poison or Bleeding (its useless in PVE against monsters with 1M+++ HP) and many are even low % chance... its a joke
          -Speed /Attack debuffs (the only good one is defense debuff)
          -HP/MP recovery (WE HAVE POTIONS)
          -HP Absorb: this would be nice if it didn't had a lame restriction or low % chance :S
          -Defense / Resistance Increase Buffs (we don't need lame short time defense buffs, we need DAMAGE and POWER with decent duration)
          -Speed Buffs
          -Some other crap that is virtually useless in PVE that I proly forgot here now

          (the 150STR is nice but the 50% chance makes it partially useless)

          Instead those lame stats u could even use something generic as extra damage for those skills or make em work in synergy like some Raebin books

          About SKILLBOOKS there is too much to work with, the BD Fury re-work was a good start but there are many other classes with long Fury SKills which do so many hits which in theory do decent damage BUT take too much time and we don't have time when we need to kill something like a dimensional boss
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          Waiting for the game going back to their roots~