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[Suggestion] Armoni's Teddy Bear [Event]

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  • [Suggestion] Armoni's Teddy Bear [Event]

    Vivc Creatures stole the Armoni's Teddy Bear ,and now they are hiding in ancient places can be found only on Expert or Master Mode from 4th Continent - 6th Continent .
    -Find those Vivcs and kill them and retrieve the stolen Teddy Bear.
    -Handel the stolen Teddy bear to Armoni and now u are able to take a single run you chose in [Bang , Archery , Evil Hideout & Dimensional ].
    - Note that the Teddy Bear x1 = 1 Run you chose.
    - The Teddy Bears are able to traded and soled to other players .

    What you guys think about that event , ? I posted this just for fun . ?

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    It's a nice idea as it gives players a choice to take part in their desired event mode.

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