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[Event Suggestion] Unique Weapon Event

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  • [Event Suggestion] Unique Weapon Event

    Master Weapons became so common so i got the idea if we could make Unique weapons much easier to get too.
    Actually i played c9 for more than 3 years but still no luck in the Quartz Mystery Box

    1. x2 or x3 Quartz Drops in dungeon - either double/triple quartz spawn in dungeon or double/triple quartz drop per kill.

    To make many players lvl 42 above active in dungeon without exploiting it (event mob sellers)

    2. Combining "[Gold Item] Bonus Chest" (items from Quartz box) in Nitro Cube for Unique Weapon Coin

    - Common Bonus Chest + 1pc Dwaiz's old boots + 5pcs Tertis Claw = 1 Unique Weapon Coin
    - Useful Bonus Chest + 1pc Dwaiz's old boots + 5pcs Tertis Claw = 2 Unique Weapon Coins
    - Beautiful Bonus Chest + 1pc Dwaiz's old boots + 5pcs Tertis Claw = 3 Unique Weapon Coins

    Unique Weapon Coin Exchangeables: (You can choose any and Bound)
    - Unique Weapon Coin x400 + 40m gold = Lv.42 Unique Weapon
    - Unique Weapon Coin x600 + 60m gold = Lv.50 Unique Weapon
    - Unique Weapon Coin x800 + 80m gold = Lv.57 Unique Weapon
    - Unique Weapon Coin x1000 + 100m gold = Lv63 Unique Weapon (Awl yeessss!)

    My idea here is to help fix the Gold Inflation in C9 and to make fishing great again.
    (Tertis Claws, Exchange fees and Bonus Chest convert will drain lots of gold)

    3. Exchanging Obsolete Unique Weapons to Unique Weapon Coins

    I saw lots of outdated unique weapons these days and being ignored so maybe we could recycle it (not sure if its exploitable)
    - Lv. 42 Unique Weapon = 100 Coins
    - Lv. 50 Unique Weapon = 125 Coins
    - Lv. 57 Unique Weapon = 150 Coins
    - Lv. 63 Unique Weapon = 175 Coins

    This is only a detailed event sample not sure about the numbers or the materials or if its somehow exploitable. I actually want a direct coin from box and to be a permanent system but maybe its better for an event.
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    Well you should remember from the past - Quartz 100% appearence in dg event
    it was a 30 days event when Quartz spawned in every single available spot in the dg. Having this event one more time would be great.


    • Ancraus
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      Editing a comment
      if i recall it correctly its way back late 2014 when my guildmate opened 1000x Sarad Mystery Chest. it really was a great event that kept my boredom away while leveling my character..