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  • Possible Game Issues//Rebalances//Suggestions//Upgrades

    Imma just make a list.
    I've played many games and minigames of games that have different unique characteristics that can be adapted by C9 to improve gameplay.

    1) Power Rating System

    -Developers can derive a power rating system that analyses the gear someone has and gives them a rating. The average rating of a party would be calculated and would yield a difficulty level for the mission; relating to monster HP//Dmg Elemental offense/def // etc. They would have to change the current difficulties from Normal -> Part 1
    Hard -> Part 2 and so on. Nightmare and Extreme would remain the same. This rating idea is adapted from Night of the Dead ( A minigame of starcraft2) with some changes of my own.


    3) Player Versus Player

    - PvP Tournaments should happen twice a week. One regular tournament as done usually on the Sunday because players who spent their money on gear matter and another on a different appointed day where everyone are given 30min prelude soul set, a specific level equivalent of armours/accessories/weapons, a default auspice and a temporary legend. This would be to allow for pure skill from anyone lvl 45+ to be expressed in PvP without the limitations of gear.
    - The reward for placing first in the weekly sunday tournament requires optional rewards. it is unfair if the same person wins the tournament multiple times that they have to collect the same auspice over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and.. well you get my point.

    4) Leveling up new characters.

    -There should be an easier method to level up new characters for high level players. The AWK does help, but by so little. Why must us max level players have to suffer again and again to unlock a different class? WHY? I suggest giving players with max level a large XP multiplier for alt characters. In addition, a lvl 1-57 jumping box(inclusive of crystals and all EPIC quest SP should be made availiable for gold (Like 5-10M). This may also promote sales of the Novice gear.

    5) Incentive for players to use forum

    - What GMs fail to realise is that the vast majority of players who play c9 do not use forum often, myself included. Incentives for suggestions that are implemented should be taken into consideration. If players know they will be given incentive if their suggestion helps a problem or helps make the game more fun, they will move their lazy self to the forum and suggest.

    6) FFA Deathmatch Mode

    - I do not think this needs further explanation.

    7) Additional PvP Maps

    - C'mon guys its been years. Same maps over and over and over. There should be a variety of ~30+ maps to choose from, not the small amount of maps the game currently has.

    8) Trading Office Revamp

    - If any GM has spare time, download Spiral Knights and look at its Auction House. Trading office should become like that. In addition an option to whisper the owner of the item on TO should be implemented via right click.

    9) Cash Shop Revamp

    - It is understandable that the game needs to make money but certain things remove the F2P aspect of the game. Items in the cash shop should be availiable for gold or wcoin/ In many games there are items availiable for both free and bought currency, obviously the bought one would cost less numerical value. Obviously some items will need to be featured for purchased currency only to keep the game profitable.
    - WCoin buyers should have a fixed option to convert wcoins into gold. Whether it be 75kgold/wcoin more or less.

    These are just a few points of opinion. Only came to forum after the presence of (GM)DIO, so props to him.

    Server : (US)Akene
    IGN : Sensationalâ„¢