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[Suggestion] Transferred Characters.

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  • [Suggestion] Transferred Characters.

    Since to many players have more than one webzen account and each account includes several characters .
    so I'm suggesting to make a Transferring Ticket which players can buy it with Wcoin . [ available for sale by gold after purchase in wcoin]
    when the ticket exist in any character u can move all bound items in the warehouse to that character inventory . and quit the game .
    Open another Account and in the Character selection screen u Will find a button calls [ Add a Transferred Character ] and a window of ID & Pw shall appear.
    after u write the id & pw of the account u purchased the ticket through it . a secondary pw of that account may be required .
    then the character will be moved to its new account .

    the point of this suggested system is instead of u have several account with random classes u can have all ur characters in one Account .
    for example : u will have an account with all of ur Classes lvl 57 and higher in one Account and make it easy for u in collecting books for all of ur classes
    instead of having the issue of getting a an awesome desired book in the wrong account and u will have to combine it at the end .

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    Although I'm in favor of this idea, WEBZEN might have an opposite opinion even if there is some profit that they can gain from such feature. You know, WEBZEN tends to force us to re-invest as a part of their greedy scheme :/

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      yea coool, but wait...first of all who told you to play in more than one account?? "u have several account with random classes" from where?? you found few accounts? you was making random classes on accounts? I see only one explanation. You just made "several" accounts to create jump characters and now you are crying that it makes no sense to do so. If you wanna all chars in one accout start working like others and make them from lv1. Then you can farm books for every class you have.


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        I don't see why there should be any objection to this suggestion. As it is timely and meet a great demand. Previously there is a limit to the number of characters in one account, this is the reason that more than one account is needed to try out the different classes. Also having multiple accounts can benefit most from wcoin attack and related spending event. There is a reason that the company encourage old players to try out more characters in different classes when they promoted jump characters, one of which is to encourage spending on new characters as there is no reason for old players with maxed out character to spend further. Later Webzen implemented character expansion which is after many old players have created multiple accounts, so it is in line with the company's plan (for jump characters) if character transfer ticket were to made available in the cash shop. Because character expansion ticket are not in conflict with character transfer ticket, as they both stimulate the demand of the other.
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          and what if they will make another jump character event and some1 will make 10 accounts then he would transfer all of them to one account? a bit unfair isnt it? not mention about possible events for free prare book which should be transfered too like whole inventory.

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        Webzen offer jump event for old players at least twice for the level 50 jump characters, first time up to three characters for each account, second time two characters per account, and add one for the 57 master jump character, for the total of 6 jump characters per account of old players. Old players should have other characters that are leveled the normal way too, this make it close to 10 characters already, if having ten high level characters in one account is unfair, why webzen offer 6 jump characters to old players in the first place? All webzen want is for each account to fully maxed out all the jump characters that are offered so that more money are spent in the process. But will this work as expected by webzen? It didn't work in cases where characters are created in a hurry, most often wrong class are created in the account, meaning that it the character that the player want to leveled end up in separate account and after learning the benefit of having the characters in the same account, the players lose the motivation to level the character until a character transfer is available.

        Regarding the fear that prare book from the separate account be transferred due to character transfer, thereby making account bound of the book meaningless, this can be prevented by allowing only character bound items be transferable in the process.