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[Suggestion] Rebalance/Renew Scout to full WIS/Magic type class

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  • [Suggestion] Rebalance/Renew Scout to full WIS/Magic type class

    Since Scout Class doesn't have separate Skillbook sets for STR and WIS (compared to Taoist STR/WIS and Elem Shade/Shine) and i think 95% scouts are WIS so, why not remake scout into full WIS/Magic type? Im playing scout with decent gears, bloody corps set, +15 weapon, decent booksets..but im just still a support class in party raids. Im not saying Scout is useless but compared to other classes with the same equipments/books like PD, illu elem, they can fast run or even Solo Nightmare modes. Even the new rebalanced Shadow can do master dungeons 3x faster with only +9 weapons than my scout. And also the new C6 books of Scout (Turn Slash/ Blast Ring), those were insane books but it can't deal much damage if you're Wisdom build. Scouts have a decent population but most of them were side/second characters with +12 or +13 weapons just for Find Weakness debuffs for Survival. It's really outdated both PVE and PVP.

    Suggestions for the rebuild: (Suggestions only)

    - Change all Scout exclusive skills into magic damage
    - Also change skillbook related skills into magic damage
    - New Skillbook set effects (Magic Based)
    - Add Frames/Super Armor/ Crouch frame when planting Turret, Spinning, Flame Traps (these skills are cancelable when crowded and have long cooldowns)
    - Lower max level Mastery of some scout skills (Scout will need lots of skillpoints if most skills became magic dmg.)
    - if possible lower cooldown of Fire support in PVE (the only decent AOE crowd control damage skill)
    - if possible movespeed buffs or add movespeed stat to Flame/Frost weapon buffs. (Scout is the slowest class in C9, no dash, teleport, or motion skills)

    My Suggestions were pretty fair compared to other updates of other classes and i think it will change Scout gameplay both PVE and PVP (Most of Scouts just plant and run all day)
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    What about players who build there Scout Strenght based? All there equipment, weapons are str...... They even maxed out other skills. Even if you prefer this it still makes some players sad who have a str scout in my opinion.


    • Ancraus
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      i have both STR and WIS Scouts and i could tell that WIS is a lot better. Yes, there are still a very little portion STR scouts so its either they change class to Assasin or Ranger (same equips/ free clash changer) or they rebuild their set to WIS (yep, that hurts) or maybe if C9 could provide item swap/stat changer(nonexistent) and soul rewinder..

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    In my opinion, they should change scout to full STR (all skills + skill books should be STR based), but they also need to change the coding of WIS equipment to STR. This way, we won't even bother too much while crafting equipment that usually give unwanted main stat (WIS), and those who have existing WIS equipment will automatically have STR one without the need to replace current equipment.

    Game Guide


    • Ancraus
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      Well, i think that's a better idea and will easily solve the equipment problem but there are still some other things that i'm concerned with like non-WIS stat items but magical stats. ex. Pets, Unique/master accessories, elemental effect skills/items..

    • Seraphiel
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      Actually, I submitted a suggestion before to make scout full WIS. WEBZEN team reply was that they don't want to change the original idea of scout having 2 different stat builds; STR and WIS. But they did say that they'd work on rebalancing/reworking it. But that was long time ago :/

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    The idea would be better if they put the scout to a class that has more STR skills and remove this annoying penalty from summon / trap not absorbing all statuses as critical chance, damage.
    I particularly find it useless to invest heavily in scout, since the class has a low defense, the only source of massive damage is a skill with 60 sec cooldown, a debuff that deserved a super armor at least, because anything can Cancel it, improve that library of sarad, which gives an additional thousands of pitfalls that do no harm at all.
    Another thing they could do would be to increase the cooldown of the scout traps and add AI and duration time in the field of action, outside the improvement of the flame trap book, the freezing.


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      Totally agree with Ancraus. My main char is wis scout but after spent and invest so much on him I realized that it is not worth it.
      I have +15 prare 65,few master&unique accs,set V nm armor,and decent books but it still sucks. Current scout can't do fast solo
      run evenin master mode.NM mode even worst. Wis type skills for scout really limited and U can't do much with it.
      Webzen really need to revamp scout skills!


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        Hmm.. Lots of decent points, I know that scout is in the weird position of a hybrid-type or wants to be a hybrid like Taoist? Looking into this...


        • IPayBack
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          please check my ticket 21 days no reply # 234905

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        I have suggested this before too, either make Scout class full STR (to avoid useless WIS gear) or full WIS/magic skills
        Waiting for the game going back to their roots~