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Survival resets per week like stamina instead of flat 7days.

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  • Survival resets per week like stamina instead of flat 7days.

    one of the few things left to do in the game for me is Survival runs.
    With few of the op charc i can just solo 4 man party, but the real fun usually comes from going with
    friends with +12~13's and trying to beating it and making it barely.
    Because this require 4 people to join, and need to sync the reset times, it is rather difficult to schedule.

    My suggestion to Webzen is to have the survival reset much like the Stamina.
    Having finite number of runs per charc, and once you clear it, have it stay locked out till the next week.
    So instead of having random time of unlock for survival, everyone will be unlocked when stamina would be unlocked.

    I already gave my ticket in, but would like to see it here and if others have different opinions on this.

  • Seraphiel

    Definitely need this for a more organized schedule. We can arrange guild events more conveniently.

    Also, for those who get dc'd from R20 before it is cleared, they need to be compensated for the last R20 chest and sent to their mailbox. Sometimes it's not players fault that their connection is bad. It happened several times to my guildies and it's unfortunate for them to get locked from accessing survival for a week without getting the Legendary chest.

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  • Sda5sd6sd
    yea want 3day banned !! need stamina and gold


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  • Rydya
    A good idea, I think is quite valid.
    What really bothers me the survival, besides having a fixed schedule to readjust, is certain parameters:
    * I think the survival of each continent should be made a selection of heads that were from that continent, since each survival is divided into continents in their names. Ex: Sarad survival could put manos, tarbon, while raebin could put the bosses there. It is boring all survival to be the same bosses, the same tactics, this is totally pff.
    * Another idea would be to increase the gold for those who close r20 and withdraw the exp that is gained within survival.
    * As the difficulties would increase, they could add a random aura in every 5 rounds (wis / str / atk spd / move spd / casting / critical chance / critical damage (serenity I would not put on the list because it would be very abusive xD)

    There are many things the c9 could do to pull off this sameness from whenever it is facing the same bosses at all survival. > _ <

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  • CuentaForo
    I really like your idea, nothing more to say, you explained it perfectly.

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  • Sequestor
    I actually agree. With that, we wouldn't be tied to certain date and time.

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