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[Suggestion] Progressive Cap System

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  • [Suggestion] Progressive Cap System

    Let's start with explaining what 'cap' is and how it works.

    Any points passing above a certain number gives you no effect.
    Example: There is well known cap for Critical Chance which is 75%. It means that max critical hit ratio will be 75% even if you have more then that in your statictics.

    Simmilar situations with the Concetration, even if you have 100%, which should make your attacks from the same skill would be exactly the same, with no diffrence even by 1, that's not working, becouse there is cap on Concetration on 70% level.

    Here are caps that I know from my personal experience and studies, tests:

    Crtiticał Chance 75%
    Critical Damage 100%
    Concentration 70%

    Here are some caps about I heard but never checked by my self:

    Player Resist. 25%
    Add. Player Dmg 25%
    Elemental Power ~50%

    SUGGESTION: Creating 2 additional cap levels. What I mean by that is rising caps on next levels.

    Example: Player reached cap for Critical Chance which is 75% on basic level, so now he can take a traning\quest\ series of quests to get '1st Level of Critical Chance Initiation'. Let's say there will be number of quests like what we have with Raebin Tertis Accessories. After he completes series of quests he would have cap at 85% and on the '2nd Level of Critical Chance Initiation' there would be 100%, which is no longer a cap technically speaking.

    1st Level of Initiation:
    - Critical Chance 85%
    - Critical Damage 150%
    - Concetration 85%

    2nd Level of Initiation:
    - Critical Chance 100%
    - Critical Damage no limit
    - Concetration 100%

    - Why Critical Damage with no limit, but Critical Chance and Concetration on 100%?
    - Critical Chance at 100% because it means 'always', which is no limit or natural limit for any chance. Concentration because you cant decrease something more then 100%, if you decrease any valule about 100% it will be 0 - and thats the goal of concetration to minimize diffrence between Max. and Min. atack.

    Rakhdan (EU)


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    Here is something that I was supposed to share it earlier with you, guys. I tried to decipher their reply but I'm still clueless.

    I asked them specifically about the cap value for concentration, critical chance and critical damage.

    Game Guide


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      I'm sure about my tests and calculations.

      I tested Critical Chance Cap with Rangers Arrow Shower by simply recording Arrow Shower dmg and counting normal hits and crit hits, from couple tests I concluded there is 75% cap on Critical Chance, I had 105% Critical Chance while testing.

      Concetration was tested with many diffrent values 134%, 100%, 80%, 70% and 60%. I went on dung and started hiting mobs looking for lowest dmg. I concluded 70% cap

      Critical Damage was simplest to test, I used Souless longsword with stats 1-1, which gave me the same hit each time, so when i hit mob with normal attack 3500, and crit hit with 7000 while having 110% Critical Damage I concluded 100% cap.

      I think that they themselves do not know about those caps.

      Rakhdan (EU)



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        Most players still conclude the critical cap to be at 70%, not 75%, same as concentration.


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          This is one of the many things that are wrong with the game, the players know THEIR game better than they do


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            element power cap 50%



            • GIBASS
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              thank you

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            lol than why they cap these things ? may be balance ? anyway bad idea


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              Sound good only for PvE, Crit dmg without cap is bad idea for PvP


              • GIBASS
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                I agree. My suggestion apply only for PVE

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              Such caps should exist. Some of them are hard/expensive to reach even now. There should not be some ungodly difference between the potential of cashers and other players.


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                I do not agrre with you. I'm not a casher and still have OP eq like Hollis's Lost Belt, Cassilas's Wrath, Pantatonic Prism Ring, Destructive Standards GSouls, Cash Warehouse Tab etc all bought in game paying gold. As long as items from Cash Shop are tradeable you have acces to them even if you do not spending cash for Wcoins. The bad thing is when items from Cash Shop are not tradeble, like Lucky V2 or Extra Skill Book Slots etc cuz thats pure P2W.