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[Suggestion] Save C9's PvP

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  • [Suggestion] Save C9's PvP

    Decent permanent/guaranteed rewards shouldn't be limited to PvE.

    1. Add PvP armor and rare skillbooks as rewards for X amount of duel tokens (from Ranked PvP), and a different set of weaker PvP armor as rewards for X amount of gold honor coins (regular arena). It could be upgradable in the style of Bloody Corps (gold honor coins until a certain grade, then duel tokens + gold honor coins to upgrade further).

    2. After a ranked PvP match, prevent those 2 players/accounts from matching with each other for at least 3-4 fights (won't be an issue if population picks up).

    3. Do surveys for class PvP balance (frames, pvp % damage on skills..) and adjust classes based on the suggestions.

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    +1! mostly for class balance...we need to seriously fix pvp, it has died so much the past 2 years and the main reason i play this game is for pvp


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      In my most honest opinion, making the strong classes weaker don't change anything, we need to make the weak classes STRONGER! give them more base stats, increase a bit of their % + flat damage, there was a private server that I played that most classes were pretty balanced, the owner just made weak classes stronger and voilá, there you have a fun pvp.

      Make traces of nightmare exchangeable by gold honor coins (but the player must have knight rank to exchange the coins for traces, for example).

      Make skillbook chest for each class available through gold honor coins (The skillbook ~the box MUST contain lv57 books only~, its potency and rarity will be random, but at least we will choose the class we want, like Skillbook chest [Assassin], Skillbook chest [Blademaster], for example)

      Add also to the PvP shop: Permanent (but character bound) gear sets boxes, automatic baits, permanent spellstones, adventure coins, unique weapons, wings etc.


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        I agree with buffing classes instead of nerfing the OP ones...but some things need changed up, like mtao, it should have a little more damage spread out on other skills and less damage on soulburn and obviously way lower skill block time...and changing class damage isn't the issue, frames,cooldowns, and bugged skills are more issue than class idk where that came from


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          valkyrie /new warrior /new slayer only op classes right now others just cry


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            From what I see on the page in the website,.. The PvP ranking will be reset and some balances(?) or some changes are coming it's way. So here's hoping! XD
            Nobody is obligated to play fair, honor is a weakness, dignity is a mistake, git gud.


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              where do u see balances or changes coming on website?


              • Type13
                Type13 commented
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                Whoops! had a brain fart when glossing over the Maintenance bug fix and added balance instead, lol

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              Guys let me explain once and for all the issue and how to solve it
              So webzen is releasin events after events taking advtange of all the buyers left in this game "p2w whatever you wanna call it" everything can be bought now I used to remember when there were barely 2 events in 1 month and enormous amount of players loving the game. Dont get me wrong i dont mind, but so many people left the game cause of this, a single person to reach at that level has to play 24h. Did do ever noticed how hard was it to get skill books and now its so easy to get them?
              Its a system that doesnt work, company himself dont really listen to the players-community willing to "save" the game and keep hoping for a change. Nothing has changed over the years and wont change believe me.
              Well regarding pvp im not active so i cant really tell which class is best or "op-broken" the solution anyhow its very VERY SIMPLE.
              "On the pvp system all players have the same exact gear equip no more no less" ofc different classes different items but all same stats no epic no legendary no unique.
              people should love pvp with no rewards given, there should be competition of who has more skills and not who can farm more hours or put more money into it.

              With this being said cheers


              • IrinaTheMad
                IrinaTheMad commented
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                in a fantasy land, sure, you can do that

                but in a game where there is a PvE part of it, an economy and the desire for better gear/items, you have to reward people for spending time in PvP/arena (look at world of warcraft - pvp sets)

              • Babbazzo
                Babbazzo commented
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                irinathemad, this is why pvp is dead, your answer says it all
                Players dont need to be forced to make gold in this game and keep spending on gear "economy" as you say its a thing that players like you made up, players need to enjoy the competition vs each other, but clearly that will has disappeared "i said disappeared cause once there used to be a huge competition in pvp rank"
                (exp- im the best i defeated you, come 1v1 me in rank i show you) but right now its like"yo i have the new item i bought for 800m gold im better than you"
                And to conclude "desire of better gears" well.. people that remained in the game keep that mentality of buyin the last new item on the market and i still dont get where is the fun in that, its a game to have fun and enjoy , share, competition=fun isnt? but like making game gold = fun seems like
                Dont get me wrong i dont mind IrinaTheMad im inactive been years and if im not mistaken my account years ago had over 1b gold and several cash items reason i left due the pvp issue and players mentality like yoursù
                im not here to complain or nothin just read months ago this post and found it funny you can keep grow your game "economy"


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              Bump...mostly for surveys to balance pvp


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                bump is op
                cheers im out <3