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[Suggestion] Legendary Questline (Repeatable) - Part 1: General/ Kill Legends

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  • [Suggestion] Legendary Questline (Repeatable) - Part 1: General/ Kill Legends

    First of all, due to the recently revamped guild bags which contain various "new useful items" such as Leona's potions, getting guild buffs has become much more troublesome and almost impossible for new guilds. Secondly, the buffs from the legends are so pitiful that nobody bothers to complete them: no one would spends time killing Lindbrum 200 times for merely 3.0% attack speed. Therefore, I would like to give a series of suggestions, with this one being the first part to improve the forgotten Adventure Book system.

    [Leona's potions] Please make these "useful" potions account-bound or completely unbound.

    [Unique Guild Buffs] These unique guild buffs, as their description suggested in Light Blue, should affect all guild members by simply placing them in guild house; the guild members don't have to apply them in their limited 3 slots. Meaning, the guild with most unique buffs will have the strongest guild members, yes.

    [Legendary Questline] - Part 1: General/ Kills Legends:

    As you go to your Adeventure Book, General/ Kills category, you can see there are several boss killing legends. Some has useful buffs upon acquiring the legend, while most are currently useless and not worth achieveving. Thus, my suggestion is, upon killing the first boss of a kind (example: killing Kanzi for the first time), you will receive from any adventure agent a repeatable quest to kill that same boss 100 times (the quest can only be received again after you have completed it).
    The reward for this quest will be [Boss' Name]'s Sacred Chest, which can contain 1-3 material to craft the unique guild buff of that particular stage.

    Upon killing Kanzi for the first time, you will receive a repeatable quest called [Legendary Quest - Kanzi Dominator]: Kill Kanzi 100 times from any adventure agent (the quest can only be received once from an agent and repeated only when you have completed it).

    The reward for every completion: Kanzi's Sacred Chest which can contain:
    Meshurian Sapling x1-3 or
    Design: Meshurian Mountains Tree (rare chance) or
    [Collectible] Kanzi's Head (very rare chance)

    *Note that the buffs getting from the Legends and the Collectables are also needed to be changed as they are too useless or having no buff at all, I would make that suggestion in another post.

    Kanzi Slayer - Kill Kanzi 5 times: Fire Resistance increases by 10
    Kanzi Hunter - Kill Kanzi 10 times: Fire Resistance increases by 20
    Kanzi Destroyer - Kill Kanzi 50 times: Fire Resistance increases by 50
    Kanzi Dominator - Kill Kanzi 100 times: Fire Resistance increases by 100
    Legend of Kanzi - Kill Kanzi 1000 times: Fire Resistance increases by 1000
    [Collectible] Kanzi's Head - Fire Resistance increases by 300 upon placing this unique collectible in guild house.

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    Leona's potion should be removed or become a combining ingredient instead.


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      leona's pots are helpful with survival and tower, dont touch my leona pots


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        Most legends should become passive effects instead of toggleable ones. Perhaps weaker, but working all at once. This could encourage all players to improve their continents accomplish rate much better than it does now.


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          Nowdays,the place to farm GP bags was survival but i really not need that potion because can get better one from fishing...I prefer ancient legend with 600x kill boss u will have legend cd 3.5% ,2attack speed ,hp n mp up.It really take time but it worth.