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[Suggestion] Mystery Chest Coins and Archery Event reward distribution tweak

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  • [Suggestion] Mystery Chest Coins and Archery Event reward distribution tweak

    Mystery Chest Coins:​

    So, I've been thinking of a way to make grinding more rewarding and less frustrating especially when we are out of interesting events. There are many players who are dreaming of having at least one unique weapon, but due to the absurd RNG rate of unique weapon appearance, many have lost interest in collecting quartz.

    My suggestion is to add Mystery Chest coins in which players can exchange a number of these coins for a desired unique weapon. Each Mystery Chest gives 1 coin (maybe up to 5). The number of coins can be 1000 ~ 5000 in order to exchange it for a unique weapon. Actually, it depends on how less easy it should be, so that was just an example. This is just a rough explanation on how this idea can be implemented. But the main idea is to have a 100% chance of exchanging these coins for a desired unique weapon. This will make our endless grinding less frustrating in my opinion.

    Archery Event Reward Distribution Tweak:

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who finds sharing archery event rewards difficult when done in party. I've noticed some players prefer to do it only with at least one trusted friend. Others struggle to find one to help in this event so that they can achieve higher results for better reward quality. Everyone wants to make a profit for every archery ticket they use due to the long duation of a single run in Archery event. So, I guess everyone should have an equal chance to get rewards which is by making them drop as a single chest for each party member. The chest should contain various random rewards (quartz, Magic Primers, Lucky Stones, etc). This way, everyone will definitely be willing to "duo" with any random player.

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    1. Mystery Chest Coin: I found another suggestion which instead of coming up with a whole item (that is most likely going to be another bound item occupying inventory space), it makes use of the available adventure coin and adventure book system.

    2. Archery Event Reward Distribution Tweak: I don't think it's necessary since the point is: the more people you have, the higher the score, and the more/better reward, so it's reasonable that you have to share the rewards with each other. It would be too easy if the reward were evenly divided, everyone would get better reward, not to mention the case of placing clones to double the reward.
    If there is any suggestion regarding Archery, I would say make it a circle map so that there can be up to 4 people joining at once.


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      1. I agree on Adventure Coins idea , rather then to add new item, that would rly be a nice thing, I personally only use adventure coins if I wanna remodel a weapon, which is very rare.

      ​2. I understand the trust issues, and I saw many times players waiting for the most trustworth players to come online, in order to maybe fairly get what they want, but what they can add for example is the same thing as Hell Shard, you loot it and if someone doesn't want one item, it can just press "Pass".
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