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[Suggestion] Hall of Fame Mode

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  • [Suggestion] Hall of Fame Mode

    What's Hall of Fame mode?

    Hall of fame mode is a new PvE mode based on PvP players ranking. In this mode, the top ranked player appears in a room as a dimensional fissure statue that is identical to the player's character in terms of appearance. The only difference is it has a shield to be broken and relatively high stats e.g. high HP and defense. The dimensional fissure player changes weekly according to the latest PvP ranking.

    How can C9 actionists participate in this mode?

    Players can participate in this mode once a week. But it can be repeated with other characters of the same account. For example, if you have 12 characters in one account, you can do it once for each character you have, and it resets after maintenance. This will encourage players to explore various classes in the game while they make use of them in farming this mode. Players can form a party up to 4 members. Once they enter Hall of Fame mode, they need to activate the statue and defeat the dimensional fissure player.

    What's the reward for defeating dimensional fissure player?

    After you defeat dimensional fissure player, you earn a skill book chest coupon to exchange it for a skill book [chest]. The chest always produces a perfect skill book (Okapia, Sarad or Raebin) and the result is random [not specific to a class].

    This will keep players logging in everyday to ensure that servers stay active all time!