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HOW TO BRING C9 BACK TO LIFE? (stuff that has to change)

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  • HOW TO BRING C9 BACK TO LIFE? (stuff that has to change)

    Hello, it's Daedalos here, well, it's gonna be a lil bit long, u better make some coffee for this:


    What's valued the most is the information, I miss that we have no well structured forum sections and questions go all around on many threads that if they ever get answered then they get lost... also that info should be IN GAME like many skills that doesnt give u a proper image of how do they work or how to measure their benefits like Warden's Vampiric thing and Freezing Weapon buffs, how do we calculate the HP regen? how do we know what skills does Freezing buff affects?

    INFO ABOUT ITEMS, there are hundred of items that lack of information or if they are even worthy of keeping, people doesnt even realize that the Artisan Zone does sell grade D/C materials and low grade combinables

    INFO ABOUT EVERYTHING!!, what's the cap of crit chance, crit resist, crit damage, accuracy, concentration, atk/move speed, Casting Speed, Valiance, (THIS THING SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST), avoidance, damage resist, elemental damage, ETC (both in PVP and PVE)

    Some skills doesnt even have a right description like 1 from the Viking or even videos !! and many other videos about the skills are so damn outdated !!

    1) Bring back pvp to life by making a NEW CHANNELl for the Arena where only the rare or Perfect grade gear is allowed (no masters, uniques or epic), turn Awakening system off there (despite how good it is but to bring more ppl to pvp it must be done), turn off wing bonuses and of course not those new unbalanced Soul Sets (Destructive & Striker Standards) the max soul set should be Sabrina (and even this soul set was pretty much op back then but we gotta start somewhere and the item list can be adapted/modified later based on people's poll)
    About Permanent Spellstones, it would be good to increase their drop rate, so more players get used to them and also to give some life to the market, also make em unbounded for god sake, its still easy to trade but instead filling the empty Trade Office, it has to be sold by shouting which is boring

    -This New Channel will have some counterparts ofc like getting less Gold Honor Coins compared to the normal PVP Arena

    -More stuff to win from PVP Arena with Gold Honor Coins: give the chance to ppl to get better and USEFUL items (items bound to account so they don't abuse farming coins with their own guild mates n friends)
    Possible items:
    ·Training Potions 50%
    ·Stamina Potions (10 points)
    ·Pet Food
    ·1 day Wings (no bonus stats)
    ·Hell Ticket pieces (Oberon Hell are getting quite expensive because nobody likes to farm for them)
    ·The set boxes are cute but maybe we need a couple more of sets to make it interesting
    ·Ressurection Scrolls (not eternal, temporary only)
    ·Brinstone Fragments (u want ppl to buy more pets? give em more brinstones to evolve em!)


    First point... guys, in a PVP oriented game like this, ppl has their on style of gaming and u know that, even with skill builds and guides out there, there is no proper way or just 1 single truth about how to build your class so items like Skill Resets and Presets ARE VITAL and now that takes me to the...
    Second Point, just like anything which is vital for people, the moment u raise its price will lead into 2 things only... riot or ppl leaving your country(game) and let's face it, C9 is in their worst time, not even spam bots or farm bots care about getting here anymore, they all are on Black Desert (even with its buy to play), Blade & Soul (which is a really outdated game) and others, u owe the few ppl u have here a good place to play and to bring back the love for the game and the excitement of trying new builds and pvp then u gotta reduce ur prices on these things GREATLY

    Skill Presets, best idea ever (not original but is the best), but the price is really stupid... 50$? srsly? and u expect ppl to buy 1 for every char and want em to try as many chars as they can? there are games where skill presets are free and specially since PVP and PVE builds are VERY different, we even have skills that doesnt work in PVP.
    Ofc making it free won't give u any income but at least make it decent price, reduce it to something like 330wcoins, same with Skill Resets (reduce it to something like 200wcoins), those are items that many games has for free or really cheap to promote the involvement and experimenting, ppl will get bored of making new chars just to try different builds so think this really well if u want ur game to see the end of the year...

    But now in general... reduce all ur cash item prices, check ur population again, u either close the game or adapt it to the global competence but right now if u don't want to go to a global price reduction then just focus on the skill presets and resets, that will bring life to the pvp greatly as well as the 2nd Arena Channel idea


    I know u guys worked a lot to improve the Witchblade classes but damn...

    ·Witchblade overall: why does many of her skills that make her jump bring a problematic fall animation that leaves u vulnerable? THIS THING IS LIKE DEATH SENTENCE!! example: warden jumping and using frost thing + Horizon Jack, the moment u touch the ground (even if the ground is at the same height level everywhere) u stay about 2-3 seconds without being able to move once u land... same with Taoist with her Spirit Rage many times

    ·Slayer was already overpowered, she needs to get back to something similar to her roots pre-update

    ·Nightstalker, she is quite good right now, haven't heard complains bout her beside the bugs with Flickr Stance, Wolf's armor, and how the pets are annoying on 1v1 pvp making many ppl refusing to duel NSs

    ·Warden... guys srsly wtf... Warden was complicated already with many (most) of her skills being water dmg and the lack of good information about how do their buffs affect her in pvp, but now that is some sort of abomination that has no place in this planet, If u gonna turn her skills into magic attack, turn ALL of them, not just the half, it makes all the water bonuses u gave her become useless and making the leveling at Raebin a complete hell, also the Skulljape HP is still mediocre, gets 1hko'd by most of the bosses, the bonus with Tempest is the only thing that keeps my lil Skulljape alive... at least for some time. Please fix the element thing asap, haven't seen wardens around beside pay-to-win IceStorm

    ·Blade Dancer, it was nice to have an update but ITS NOT JUST ABOUT POWER, her skill movements are slugish, you guys have to reduce the damage of the Dark Fallen to the half and maybe reducing the cooldown a bit more to balance things and plz... give Blade Dancer a Parry skill (IT HAS 2 SWORDS AND SHE CAN'T BLOCK!?), the poor thing is a very easy target for ranged classes. Also increasing a bit that buff-like counter skill, its so short and nobody cares bout the damage, just the duration, maybe making increase the duration with the skill level would make it a great skill, also an option to counter ranged skills with a short counter beam like Delpha Slasher does that chases the enemy

    ·WARRIOR, all the skills are great but ppl complain so much and actually the damage is a bit overpowered, maybe with a 25% damage reduction that let this class to properly combo and not finishing so quick with the enemy would make it look more balanced (don't touch anything in PVE beside that dumb PVE buff for fire... srsly that element DOESNT HELP)

    ·GUARDIAN, its not a PVP change but its neccesary... ok u better make Guardians unable to intrude or make em intrude without skillbooks because they are just scaring anyone who tryes to grind with intru on... compared to all other classes, their skillbooks are just ridiculous... +50% +20% damage? +500Stats? +90% physical defense + super armorbuff skill? 1hko unblockable super fast chasing skill where u have less chances to survive than being actually knocked by a train irl? guys u should know something is wrong when even guardian intruders with full books get bored of intruding...

    ·BERSERKER, maybe increasing a bit the distance of chasing skills, as ranger, i had too much fun with keeping distance to them, specially since their charge skill doesn't block shots like other fighter charges does

    ·BLADEMASTER, could someone increase the Counterstrike cooldown plz? all they do is spamming that and shining cutter, then running, using flash blade from distance, more running, deep wind step, more counter, and so...

    ·VALKYRIES... oh god... that locked shot thing... just get rid of it in pvp... plz... it does no good to the game and makes me stay away from Arena with my Valkyrie because of the shame of using one there...

    ·MYSTIC Edit** (ERTA), the class is really fun but its like just 2-3 hits to kill her, same at PVE, maybe increasing her resistance wouldn't harm anyone

    ·GUNSLINGERS, even with all the buffs they are still one of the easiest classes to play and basically needs 0 skill to play em, i easily beat assassins of higher level with master pieces while using oberon hell set...

    ·REAPERESS, haven't pvp'd one in a while but ppl complains about em killing u in a couple of skills, if they are really that op u guys should keep an eye on her, curiously im not able to get close to kill a dimensional boss from the event even with a full skill set (sarad lv57 reaperess, while my gunner/valky can)

    ·SCOUTS, why making it Hybrid WIS-STR? it better focuses all his skills on STR or WIS... also being the only WIS class from the hunters is pretty lame, if u have no plans for a new hunter class being full WIS then just turn Scout into full STR

    4) PETS

    Cmon its just a damn scam that i can't share my pets with my other chars from the same account ! i have many chars with just 1 non-wanted pets and i have had to try like 8 times to get just a pet that helps my class (either STR or WIS or Unique is only acceptable)

    Damaging Pet Skills: make the damage to adapt to the players damage, not just Magic/Phys, it sux to have a Pet with WIS bonus that has Physical based attack :S


    And the overwhelming quantity of stupid useless skills and skillbooks that give u DOT in PVE... 1 single of my skills is able to do up to 1.2b damage with the best buffs (without items and just a +13 weapon) in that case... how the hell would 300 DoT would help me against a huge boss with billions of HP ?...


    NOOOO HELL NO, 10HP recovery bonus on a 20% chance for a skill with 60 seconds cooldown? WHY?... could u plz just give me the adress of the guy who plans all those lame ideas for PVE so I can punch him in the face?


    Make the gold dungeons to drop even more gold or some other ways to bring GOLD to the market, NO STUFF TO SELL JUST PLAIN GOLD, that's what is required in the market at the moment


    Reduce the fee on Enhacing, the market lacks of gold and the fail chances are huge
    Reduce the Remodeling to promote its use between new players
    PLZ PLZ the lv54 hell set and Bardiel Hell set are pretty nice, all that talent on making some nice gear gets wasted! let the hell sets being able to be used as Remodeling parts!!


    Well... that^ i have ALL classes in game, in some cases i have 2-3 of the same class to try different builds and its almost traumatizing to watch Fortz dying over and over and over and listening to the worst voice acting ever (that shaman trainer crying on Fortz corpse)


    Why making the stat random when receiving a hell part or crafting it? ITS NONSENSE, just let us decide if we get STR or WIS from crafting and Hell exchange parts


    Increase the Fee to be able to use any of YOUR OWNED artisan chars to be used on a different character (as long as u leveled the needed artisan high enough to use whatever u want), cause its damn annoying to craft an accesory and having to change between ur Chef (Magic Oil), Tailor (belt thing), Metalworker (rings n metal ingots) and more for this damn thing

    12) LET NEWBIES TO USE SHOUT SINCE LV1 (2nd pw required)

    Many new players has no idea of what to do, and ppl around wont help much since the few ppl online at wf is proly afk or just as new as em
    Since the lack of spam bots, make the shout being able to be used as long as they can introduce the 2nd password, that will also help them to secure their accounts and add a message reminding them how important it is



    Make it unable to intrude dungeons that are about 95%+ completed, its an absolute waste of time to intrude just to realize the boss is dead already -_-;; and the worst of all, the goddamn intrusion npc takes its time to let u intrude because "there is no party to intrude" but then all out of sudden he finally finds a dungeon that is about to finish...


    You know not all classes are good for Bardiel, and not many ppl owns a lot of lv67 good for pve mains... also getting a Bardiel set would motivate ppl to make a new char just to use it or at least to be used as remodel (see #8)



    Reduce the time it takes to upgrade or add an auto upgrade to safe numbers where we just bring a stack of stones + gold and it takes it to the safe enhacement level in just 1 movement


    Read #5 and then come back...
    You finished?, LIES!! go back and read!! ...
    Ok u better read that cause its for ur own good. First of all, are growth stones working on PVP? NO? then why do we have a useless Bleeding effect? DoT in PVE IS WORTHLESS. PERIOD. Also there are other very useless stats for PVE that u should get rid of there since the duration is ridiculously low
    Also add a chart in game that shows the increase and advance of each upgrade for those Growthstones since not all of em increase at same ammount or chance %

    EDIT: ok now certain Growthstones work in PVP which makes the bleeding hella useful, so no big deal now

    19) GUILDS

    -Increase the Furniture capacity
    -Increase the Guild Warehouse space
    -Let the gold used for Guild Buffs and Skills go to the Guild Bank, its a waste of gold that should go to the guild for all the sacrifice and investment on getting those buffs
    -Give us one last bigger house for 100m
    -WTF with the master buffs asking x100 of those stupidly ultra rare drops from Relic Bags? u better increase the drop of those or reduce the requirements... u know there aren't many guilds alive grinding to farm those like back in the day and even when all the 3 servers were together, i bet there aren't many (or more than 1) guild with master buffs beside the conceinted Ares


    Reduce the cap for the defensive equipment, its stupid to have so much player resistance, valiance, crit resist, it ruins the pvp/reduces it just to the same old ppl


    Check again the stats, some uniques are worthless while others are insanely good, i don't remember all of them but there is this gunslinger and mystic uniques that won't pass the 50m on Trading office and never gets sold...

    22) AUSPICES

    The days when Polar Bear and event contest auspices were the best are long lost... stuff like Power of Element and Bless of Badhchahdacdhcat just turned the personalized stat equip builds into just derpy ALL TERRAIN OP EQUIP that covered all the stats that u used to choose carefully while sacrificing others like getting Crit while sacrificing atk speed/con/cast speed/accuracy...


    Plz stop doing that... it just kills the game as much as c9 Thai events of +20stone for the biggest wcoin spender does...

    Well that's all... for now, i sincerely hope my suggestions get heard and at least the pvp ones are being applyed or otherwise me and my guild will totally move to other games, Black Desert is really pretty...

    My most sincere regards and thanks to Siri and Ryo for all the work u guys do

    With love, Dae from Apocalyptica Guild
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  • Sirbalin
    replied the game dead...i was going to start playing...that just killed it... sad face

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  • JoJoestar
    Question to everyone... how would u guys feel about Scout skills being FULL STR instead WIS ?
    No more waste when getting hell sets or crafting sets cause of RNG results

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  • JoJoestar
    commented on 's reply
    I totally agree on Advertising more, also noticed the gold bots are back, that means they have been promoting it abit along with the redeem key codes on diverse mmorpg webs but still there is a lot of work to do

  • JoJoestar
    One thing i noticed from Black Desert Online to keep ppl playing, or even staying afk checking the game from time to time, is that they introduced ways to get materials to craft items in game from doing mundane stuff like these:

    Fishing: fishing at Black Desert doesnt require more than 1 single cheap rod that can be bought near the fishing zones and is a good way to make gold depending on ur knowledge bout the fishing zones, here in C9 we have Fishing but is too much dependant on the baits which are kind of hard to get and most of the time the prizes are useless "rare" fishes (they even do some stupid noise like there were something important) and the only time they are useful its on rare events... we should be able to fish without baits or making bait just to increase a chance for a better fish, also the Fishes sold in Black Desert give u nice gold on the NPC, the fishes sold at C9 gives u almost nothing, just fishing coins that u trade for crystals but in order to get em u need a lot of baits and u end up getting less baits than fishing coins which makes it a waste of gold and the chance of getting Dorado / Tuna are extremely low and Dorados doesnt even give u something decent, a low chance of rare book... not even a slight chance of perfect :S

    Gathering: on other games u can contract workers to farm crafting materials like iron, leather, food, herbs, etc What about making a similar system where we have to invest some gold? almost no one farm materials and the stacks of x300 Metal go around 2-3m and the only things we desperately do is using Artisan Crystals to buy chests which may give us lame ammounts for a high investment... then again we losing money and motivation. Making us invest our afk time in game for passive gathering of materials and bringing back Economy to the game would be a way to fix the lack of population

    GUILD JOIN / RECRUITMENT: i loved the last patch idea

    Guild List / Join Request
    Any players without guild will be able to check the guild list and search for all guilds by pressing [U] button.
    Players can ask to join the desired guild and write a simple join request message. Also, players can cancel the join request to ask another guild to join before the guild master accept or refuse the request.
    Likewise, guild masters can add an introduction of the guild that is shown on the Guild List. Also, guild masters check the join requests and can accept or refuse the requests whenever online.
    But only the Guild Master can see the join requests :S they should let Officers to be able to see the requests as well !!

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  • Syofix
    I haven't been much of a forum poster person in the past, but this one did catch my attention, so I wanted to comment on certain things. There are several things pointed here that certainly should be done for the game in order to improve it and balance it more of its current state. However, I don't think this is what will make the game come back to life. I would go with the comment of Alleonn. This game desperately needs ADVERTISING. C9 publicity and promotion is nowhere to be seen. People don't know about this game. Not in the scale it would be needed to have a consistent large playerbase.

    Of course there are always a fistful of new players trying out the game, but it's evident is just really a very small amount, and many times nothing that lasts for long. One can see tons of advertisement in mmo review sites and gaming video streaming communities about other mmos, you know how you can practically find stuff about the soul and the desert like even from beneath the stones at the moment. But C9 is known by pretty much just the veterans of the game. The players that joined it during its time of hype 3 or 4 years ago.

    While all these details commented and discussed are indeed something that has effect on players staying here; hence necessary, I would say the playerbase has to grow considerably so it can drag more attention from gamers and managment itself. In my opinion, Webzen has given up with putting effort in this game since the amount of players has lowered so much. They seem to be pretty much just coming up with events that squish some money out from the people that purchase from shop. But I don't think they have interest in spending money for new content, updates, avdertisement, etc. I think they simply don't see it as a worthy investment anymore.

    Based on that, I would say the work would have to come from players themselves. I think what people could do, would be lot of advertisement in sites, with friends and definitely lot, lot, lot of streaming and video uploading with stuff of the game. Gameplay, trailers-like videos, showcase of pvp shiny moments, things like that. Maybe that can catch the interest of gamers and bring more people to this game, and then if the numbers increase to quantities that can actually be considered serious, Webzen could turn its attention again and work further in improve the game and keep it fresh.

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  • Tr3ize
    commented on 's reply
    what most players want now is last part of raebin

  • Tr3ize
    commented on 's reply
    it sucks, no last part of raebin

  • JoJoestar
    commented on 's reply
    Yep, definetly agree, at least take out that all new op they gave her for PVP
    On PVE Slayer is ok, the boost was needed and she does quite well

  • JoJoestar
    I saw the Notes section today and im glad they are taking some of the advices into their plans to improve the in-game content

    Guild System Improvement
    Guild masters have been required to be online almost everyday to maintain the guild and have newcomers in. Newcomers have been having hard time looking for the right guild to join. But soon it will be resolved and all will get even better stuff!

    Guild List / Join Request
    Any players without guild will be able to check the guild list and search for all guilds by pressing [U] button.
    Players can ask to join the desired guild and write a simple join request message. Also, players can cancel the join request to ask another guild to join before the guild master accept or refuse the request.
    Likewise, guild masters can add an introduction of the guild that is shown on the Guild List. Also, guild masters check the join requests and can accept or refuse the requests whenever online.

    Guild Member Introduction Message
    Guild members can add a simple message that is shown on the member list. Just move the cursor to your guild mate’s name to check the message and to find more friends to enjoy the game with!

    Guild House Improvement
    Guild Houses will be much more useful than in the past. Players will find new NPCs in the guild house who will be helping the members using convenient functions and selling special items. The higher the level, the better the features!

    Guild House Level 1
    • An NPC selling useful items with reasonable prices
    Guild House Level 2
    • An NPC selling better items, some items with even better prices than Level 1
    • Repair equipment
    • Trading Office
    • Warehouse
    • Mailbox
    Guild House Level 3
    • An NPC selling better items, some items with even better prices than Level 2
    • Repair equipment
    • Trading Office
    • Elemental Enhancement, Mount Spellstones, Mount Growth Stones
    • Warehouse
    • Mailbox
    Guild House Level 4
    • An NPC selling better items, some items with even better prices than Level 3
    • Repair equipment
    • Trading Office
    • Elemental Enhancement, Mount Spellstones, Mount Growth Stones
    • Artisan Craft
    • Warehouse
    • Mailbox
    I'd like to remind my suggestion about increasing the guild storage and furniture slot spaces, I still find it difficult to make my Guildhouse look nice and being functional at same time :S I hope they add it sometime
    Guild Relic Bag Improvement
    Guild Relic Bag has been less useful to individuals, so many players have not bother themselves to enter stages with their guild mates. However, soon players will find useful potions in the Guild Relic Bags which give a strong buff.

    More than that, increasing the rare craft drops or decreasing the requirements to craft master buffs... x100 rare drops? does even the entire server has that much? i haven't got one of those in years...
    Pico Quest Streamlining
    Learning Ultimate Fury Skill is fully rewarding yet the long quest chain to learn the skill is too demanding for many Glenheim adventurers. Soon you do not need to complete the full quests but would get the exact same rewards with shorter and easier missions.

    Inventory Loot Effect
    We frequently get many different items by opening boxes, and sometimes it makes us confused. We need to check all system messages and inventory slots to check what we just got. But soon it will become far more convenient to check newly obtained items as it will shine on your inventory slots.

    New Baits, New Fish and New Rewards
    As the season changes, ocean current is slowly changing in Waterford. We may find new baits and new fish, and new precious items swallowed by the fish you catch!

    The rest of the ideas seem really good, but there is still a long way to go, hope these ideas get to work sooner so we can start dealing with the top tier problems of the game before a private server or another game takes the few ppl from the game

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  • Indoctrinated
    I quit C9 2 years ago but i still follow the updates & forums to check what's new. I've been playing an MMO recently launched (I don't want to advertise) and i now clearly see why we quit C9.

    In this MMO, it takes 2 weeks of farming/pvping to collect the materials to upgrade your weapon&accessories. It's really slow, dead slow actually. Drop rates are really low. But in the end, you know that you can collect them if you work hard. It's not the same for C9. I mean, imagine skill books; there are at least 15 different classes, from 1 to 5, 5 different stars, from white to turquoise 4 different grade of books, from 3rd to 6th continent 3 different groups of books. So, to get the book you want, you have 1/ ( chance.

    Another reason is, in some point you have to use real money to advance in game. Magic Primers or anything related to upgrade your gear should be looted from dungeons. And i don't mean ''the impossible rates of Webzen'', no... You need to at least get 3 primers per run.

    Finally, it has been 2 years now and i still see there's no big difference. They haven't even launched the second part of raebin. So, just give up guys.

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  • BeautyMaiden
    commented on 's reply
    Slayer is a PVP oriented class. That's why she's strong in PVP. But she sucks in PVE compare to other classes. You have to know it.

  • BeautyMaiden
    Old comments and yellings.

    The classes are splitted into PVE group and PVP group. The PVP ones are strong in PVP and PVE ones are strong in PVE. It is normal in games. I still admit some classes are way too strong in both PVE and PVP (Guardian, Valkyrie, Gunslinger...)
    - Slayer used to be weak. She deserves a buff. And after the remaster, i found her a bit overpowered because of the new and renew skills (new Delpha Slasher and double Rout Point is powerful). But that all for PVP. The buffs for PVE are still not enough. She is a PVP oriented class after all.
    - Reaperess's damage used to be the best. But not anymore since Mystic came. Despite she can kill you in a few skills in PVP, but her skills make her vulnerable all the time. If you pay attention a little and train with her a little, you can beat her with ease. I used to cry out loud about her, but not anymore. I don't see her as a threat anymore.
    - Same with Blademaster, his Counterstrike is very easy to be detected. I never got problem with that. Their hit and run stragetry is very annoying somehow.
    - Nightstalker is easy to deal with. The annoying thing is the pets. Despite they can be killed with 2-3 skills, but they got shield. Classes can deal multiple hits or DoT can break the shield with ease. I hate the pets because they are very laggy. Same with Scout's traps, very laggy.
    - Gunslinger: i really hate his Limited Shot. Limited Shot can decrease DEF and very powerful at close range, short cooldown (18s only???). Can cast instantly. All Gunslingers do is break your guard or kick you to air and then Limted Shot => kill. If not, he will run like never run and repeat same stragetry. He got 2 skills can break guard and make you stagger. He is very strong in PVE too. I really want in the future they increase the cooldown of Limted Shot.

    ABOUT ERTA, she is very poweful in PVP if you don't know. I fought an Erta before and i knew it. She is only level 53 and she can beat out anyone (level 65 - 67 with full gears) in deathmatch who tried to mess aroung with her. Erta is a very complicated class and hard to play. But she got many invicible skills. The player must be very good. Maybe you won't believe me but it is the truth.

    FIRST SUGGESTION: Remove the old arena system. Make new one with balance gears (the system will auto-equip players with balance gears).

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  • XxLOngShotxX
    pleas unlock the fuuuuuuuuuuu*******ing gender so that i can have a mail blade dancer

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  • JoJoestar
    We also need events that focus not just on selfish stuff or repeating the same ticketing over n over n over (does someone ever remember the days when getting a perfect grade book was something to be proud of?)

    We need events that focus partying, mentoring and doing guild work!

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