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HOW TO BRING C9 BACK TO LIFE? (stuff that has to change)

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  • Fart
    They must nerf warrior slayer and blade dancer and old classes like guardian ele ilu warden ranger gameplays must be improved they only really about gear todays
    Every class must be equal in pve otherwise pve for scrubs who cant press more than 3 buttons

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    Originally posted by Enji View Post

    Agree, but slayer should be nerfed or removed too, I mean that shit is ridiculous.
    Killed the game
    card nerf wb pls

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  • Enji
    Originally posted by SomalianPirate View Post
    Just nerf the shit out of blade dancer or remove it and we are all satisfied.
    Agree, but slayer should be nerfed or removed too, I mean that shit is ridiculous.
    Killed the game

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  • SomalianPirate
    Just nerf the shit out of blade dancer or remove it and we are all satisfied.

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  • (VL)Shin
    commented on 's reply
    @JoJoestar with backstep I meant " backpedaling" or playstyle based on use the S key all the way haha
    18) Just one of the growth stones works even if you have 2 weapons . Also bleeding stacks with the regular bleeding from the skills, cuz is considered as "special bleeding". As I know doesn't have connection with which weapon you use, so should get the proc if you attack with dagger either bow.

  • Siriusdm
    Gms right now...

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  • Alleonn
    How to get the game populated..
    Step 1. Change Game Host. Webzen has 2 GM's watching the game, and clearly only cares about income at this moment, once profits cease to exist, so will c9.
    Step 2. Advertise game, I saw 1 youtube ad 3 years ago or whatever for reaperess.
    Step 3. Either make more servers for continents, or band us all together again. (US/SA/SEA) or (ALL)
    Step 4. Read Forums
    Step 5. Make the game more inviting for people to join, and veterans to return.

    I probably have more thoughts, but this is all I could think of for now
    See you guys in a few years again

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  • FishTank
    commented on 's reply
    18) I'm pretty sure growth stones work on bow attacks too, just like Dagger of Darkness adds bleeding to bow attacks even though it's a dagger.

    Great observations by the way.

  • JoJoestar
    commented on 's reply
    all these years complaining bout that class been overshadowed by the new updates on old classes and new classes like Valkyrie and Guns. And that goddamn Grab + Soul Burn spam was just ridiculous...
    -Limited shot is op even when u just get some few hits it does its work, and its worse with a laggy gunner cause u get pulled back to the limit shot xD
    -Mmm my Arrow shower barely did 30% of the max hp on the best scenarios... I maxed it more cause of an AoE utility n more arrows than the dmg
    -Full Spiral... dat thing is insane, specially on a great pvp class as Shadow and the many ways to connect it

    And yea to avoid the need of overgearing then the increasing of damage resistance for everyone in the new channel should happen. Also if they can forbid u to go anywhere with ur fishing rod, i think it wont be hard to program the same for the listed op gear (including Hollis Belts too)

    3) Yeah, its more a lack of experiece from ppl when dealing with NS
    -The BD (and Slayer) nerf its a total need, maybe i need to duel more experienced BDs to see their chasing abilities against gunners n rangers
    -BMs are too advantaged in pvp, mmm webzen should have to make something to fix that lag DWS + increase counter cooldown D:
    -I agree with the Berserker boost to endure magic n bypassing some ranged skills
    -Mmm didn't knew about the Lion's Roar crouch effect O: now that's abuse. Btw do they max backstep now? or just their normal lv3? cause u know... i have a warrior and... oh nvm
    -About reaperess is just what i heard bout ppl complaining on tradechat saying they kill u real quick, but what im sure about is that they sux at Dim boss killing, for usual grind and leveling they are more than ok
    -Guns: yeah xD all has been said
    -I meant Erta, sry :P they are damn squishy, haven't seen other ertas pvping around

    12) Mmm maybe another way to make newbies to get help, maybe a msg party board or an indicator of players below lv25 asking for mentoring and better prizes from tokens (DAMN I FORGOT TO ADD THIS) Mentor and Aegis so ppl don't abuse from Bloody and Ranked tokens (well maybe bloody tokens just on event days). Maybe including daily ress scrolls into those chests from Aegis Tokens, after all, they are risking their lives :P

    18) I lived a lie all this time... damn all that Ancient Coins wasted... i could have get the bleeding effect instead x_x btw do they work with any attack and skill even if they are on a weapon that has no connection to any of my skills like dagger on ranger or sword on Guardian?

    20) Since there could be a new arena channel then im ok with the 25% presist, otherwise i'd ask to reduce it to 15 xD

    thanks !

  • JoJoestar
    commented on 's reply
    1) Yeah but to counter part the rare-perf low defense, the new channel should boost the damage resistance of all players to make longer battlers. Too bad since Bardiel gear was introduced, the pvp with perf gear went wrong... why? because if u guys check the gap difference with each gear since lv35 to 60 (35,43,47,51,57) u will notice that the stats difference have been constant but now with raebin gear, the difference was a big jump, from a constat 20-30 damage per level gap to something like 100 on raebin and even perfect weapons and stronger than rare ones which didn't happen back then with 51-54 and 57-60 :S that's something that bugs me too (also the fact that epic egostone weapons have lower damage than rare 63 weapons while lv57 epic weapons are stronger than lv60 ones e_e cause fuck logic or more like c9 logic)

    -Oh god how could i forget about Tao D:

  • JoJoestar
    commented on 's reply
    If u want it to be pvp oriented then bring ur ideas, if u don't well then keep enjoying the game!

  • JoJoestar
    commented on 's reply
    1) Remember its a NEW channel, not replacing the old one, this would help NEW players to hone their skills with others who were afraid to join deathmatches full of unbalanced teams and unbalanced gear
    ALSO now with the feedback, this new channel should make a damage reduction or resistance buff applyed to all characters to make longer fights with rare-perfect gear and trying combos on a real battleground with other players. Also this planned to bring new ppl and new ppl barely has money for Bless of BadhCath, Destruction Standards (which is ridiculously overpowered), V sets or 25% Presist + crit n valiance

    -Yeah maybe its just ppl not being used to fight NSs at all
    -Well we agree on the Damage reduction for BD, but overall damage reduction or just on certain skills? i haven't go much further with BD and few ones have ever catched my ranger on pvp but the ones who did really made me regret my mistake lel
    -Making Frenzy having back the def reduction would be nice, as Zeth once said, it was a risky buff and that made it special
    -No experience on Berserkers beside killing em xD and as Ryo said, maybe giving a crouch to their thrust step or some other skill to get close to enemies cause... jesus... the poor thing has barely a chance to get close to me unless they use good move speed
    -That and Counter abuse...
    -Slayer needs NERF just as much as BD

    7) The problem is that there is no way to make gold if nobody has gold to buy stuff ! and the only way to farm REAL gold are those hidden maps which give very few and the upgrading/remodeling takes a LOT of gold

    12) idk if bots are able to set 2nd pws or maybe another way to make newbies being able to call for help or info

    18) Damn... i been asking for growth stones on tradechat for days with different accounts and most of the ppl said it was PVE only, still that doesnt excuse the skillbooks with DoT and lame recovery effects

    20) yis~

    thanks for ur colaboration!

  • (VL)Shin
    [VL]Ryo here ~ Thank you for the props Dae <3.
    I wanted to quote but would be a huge textwall hard to read so I think I'll comments some points ~ (Yes I might edit a lot due grammar or such because I had to write a lot e_e). Also this is my opinion about the things you don't need to agree with it ~

    Zero) Yeah there’s really a lot of information mising about certain skills and properties cap, sadly. Would be nice to add that information

    1) Yeah sounds like a good idea for the players who wants to pvp on prare gear either add the option in arena to restrict the equipments as it appears for the lvl and arena Rank.
    Now talking about balance, In my opinion the game is more balanced in engame gear : NM V, Player Resist, Epic Gears, New Souls, Wings, I would just maybe remove the HP regen effect, of course I’m saying it’s balanced if both players are in the same gear lvl, no point on compare when there’s a big equipment gap. I don’t know if you guys remember this kind of things from lvl 63 gap: 1) 60~70+% hp gone in one ultimate skill, even more in some cases. When I say ultimate skill I mean to say skills like Kaiser, Tachyon, S bash, demonic flame, spirit rage etc etc.
    2) Soulburns taking 60-70% of HP
    3) Limited shot taking 50% of HP even more in certain cases
    4) Arrow showers taking 60%+ of HP (yes that much dmg does if you don’t use presist I don't remember exactly if arrow shower got buffed at lvl cap 63 or 65)
    5) People dying in 6 skills or less with certain clases (without use ultimate skill)
    6)Full Vital spiral 70%+ hp

    Basically pvps were about just hit your ultimate either connect a couple of skills, let’s add the “lag factor “ one lag spike = you’re dead and as I remember at that time just Slayer used combo reset, imagine how bad would be now.
    I’ve seen “just prare pvp” and trust me the pvps are way shorter than in full gear. Isn’t like “would be like in lvl 63 cap” the dmg would be even waaaaaaaay higher because the max lvl got increased and the scaling on prare 65 weapons is just ridiculous 200+ base dmg compared to prare 60. If that wouldn’t be enough I remember at lvl 60 cap was no critical damage auspices and now we have 20% and 30% critical dmg. So In opinión due all those reasons and variables and based on what I’ve seen, pvp on lvl 67 with prare 65 equips without use presist is hit 4-6 skills either use ultimate and one shot people.

    My conclusion : PvP without presist= everyone dies in one ulti skill either 5-6 skills “combo”
    I think the problem isn't the "endgame gear" is more like how hard/expensive cost get it (specially with those ridiculously low amount of Traces of nightmare on each run, you mostly get wood box)

    Nightstalker: I think people just doesn’t know how to deal with the class, people doesn’t understand how break the shield of the ns, pets are really easy to kill if you know how to do it. The only really annoying pet is Myu, the rest is easy to deal with. Is the same logic that you use against the pets/summons in the game just kill it before as soon as can otherwise will bug you forever in the match and will be hard to deal with the summon/pet and the player. S- Skulljape = break his shield and use your ultimate skill to kill it xD, easy and safest way.

    BladeDancer: this class doesn’t requiere parry, has really good potential to link iframe. Very high burst dmg and dmg output. I don’t understand why people say that is hard for BD to deal with range classes, BD has great mobility and shouldn’t have problems against range classes. You have Nether shroud. Flora and Triple Chasse as dashes, (Triple Chasse has crouch frame), also you can poke to initiate in safe way with Fierce Lash into flora etc etc. Also like already someone mentioned has a lot of versatility and can link the iframes really smoothly. BD is really strong class even tho I would say there’s some stuffs to nerf from it.
    Berserker: I think needs crouch frame Thrust step either Force Wave. Also a boost on his Magical Defense..

    Blade Master: Abuse on deepwind step lag vs server processing it, literally will hit you no matter what you do. Also the Lag abuse on E grab eating your wake up iframe , that’s pure lag abuse and is really broken since fighter is the only class that has Iframe as soon as activates the grab (the rest of the classes gets iframe when they connect the grab).
    Ex shadow dash into grab vs E fighter grab . Result= E fighter grab wins

    Warrior: I think the biggest problem with warrior are new Lion’s roar with crouch frame. Like for real… what the heck xD? There’s no other fighter with crouch frame on similar skills ( Threating shout , Rage drain) this makes the warrior a perfect backstep+ lions roar class. C9 warrior meta in ranked US server, camp in the corner the 3 mins, Backstep backstep > Lion’s roar (you get stunned)> Grab swing you get ringed out, New lion’s roar gives the chance to warrior backstep 24/7 without care about a grab into a lame playstyle. Same with new Watermill Slash full super armor, you can curve it just moving your mouse, hits from the air in the whole animation, what means if something is in between the course of the skill gets it by it, you can aim it behind the oponent using it as a guard breaker. ( I think has iframe when collides into the ground)

    Reaperess: We have nerfed version of reaperess here. Here webzen nerfed spin smash (cut the dmg to the half in pvp), air vera crashed (reduced the dmg in 30% in pvp) and added some seconds to reaping lunge assault’s cooldown. Thus compared to Japanese and Chinese version, reaperess is nerfed here (they don’t have those nerfs). Yes reaperess is quite bad in PvE now, after rahkda’s update, reaperess isn’t a that good pve class anymore.

    Gunslingers: Roll class xD

    Mystic: You mean Battle Maiden(?) In my opinion, Battle Maiden is okay now, just people don’t play it because they can’t roll the face on the keyboard and win against someone anymore. Idk but to me looks pretty okay and not weak at all

    12) I feel like that would bring a lot of toxic stuffs in the world/trade chat. I see more downside effects than good ones :/

    18) Growth stones Works in pvp you just need to check what the growth stone requieres to get activated. EX: if requieres fury gauge doesn’t work in pvp. But there’s a lot of them which requieres Skillstones/HP etc, then those Works in pvp.

    20) I think a cap for valiance and critical resist would be nice. The current Presist cap at 25% seems pretty okay to me.

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  • ToePick
    commented on 's reply
    he got lots good point..
    let this msg thread stay here
    maybe.. just maybe.. someone from management read this