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[Suggestion] Companion System II

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  • [Suggestion] Companion System II


    As a part of continued game content improvement, I'm proposing some ideas that will hopefully enhance overall gameplay but more from PVE aspect. I introduced a companion system earlier as a suggestion which later on changed to Tag Team System. But the idea of Companion System has been lingering in my mind. So here, I'm re-introducing a new companion system but in a different way. Companions are sort of bodyguards that accompany players in their journey. They are highly customizable just like the playable classes. You can create a companion from scratch with a unique look. You can also level them up, buy them costumes, equip them with various gears and souls. However, they are AI controlled with some actions that can be activated manually. Companions are not the same as the playable classes, but they use skills from different subclasses. There are 5 companions based on the available classes we have now. To make it even more unique, they also wield weapons that are designed to perform skills from various subclasses builds. Initially, players will have one bodyguard slot, but can recruit up to 5 (by buying bodyguard slots from the cash shop).

    Companion Classes:

    Fighter - Dual Greatsword > uses skills from Blademaster, Berserker and Viking

    Witchblade - Twin Chainblade > uses skills from Nighstalker, Bladedancer and Warden

    Shaman - Scythe Flail > uses skills from Taoist, Illusionist and Reaperess

    Hunter - Blade and Shotgun > uses skills from Scout, Gunslinger and Shadow

    Mystic - Gunhammer > uses skills from Battel Maiden, Valkyrie and Erta

    * The above pictures are for illustration purpose

    Companion Roles:

    Companions can be utilized in various aspects of the game aside from being personal (Bodyguards). They can go to Treasure/Hidden maps to farm gold and artisan materials as (Miners). They sometimes come with valuable items as well such as permanent spellstones and companion weapons of different grades. They can go fishing when players are busy in dungeons (Fisher). As bodyguards, they help players clearing dungeons including solo ones (Tower and the like). The more geared up they are, the more powerful they become.

    Extra suggestion:

    Since it is already difficult to gear up main characters due to lack of resources. Further improvement is needed to make the game more enjoyable. It has been agreed by many that lack of Magic Primers makes the game much harder to enjoy latest PVE contents, and that is due to less players who buy Magic Primers. Magic Primer is an important item required to unlock weapons and reach higher enhancement levels. Therefore, it should be made available via daily quests reward in a small quantity. Players will have to finish those daily quests with a chance of getting magic primers. This will surely encourage players to finish daily quests on a daily basis as a part of end game farming.

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