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  • [Suggestion] Tag Team System

    As it's been observed by many that the game has an annoying repetitive mechanism in character development, which made many players not enthusiastic enough to play/ test out other classes. Who would actually bother to start over with every new class, doing the same quests over and over again?! I believe it is time to remove that kind of redundancy. My suggestion, titled as Tag Team System, is intended to completely remove element of repetition specifically in questing and enhance general gameplay experience.

    So, what's tag team system?

    It is an instant character switch mode in which you can swap characters in dungeons/arena. This system is more popular in fighting games like Tekken, Dead or Alive, Street Fighters, Mortal Kombat and the like. Since C9 is more of action game that is close enough to these fighting games, it is much easier to implement this feature in C9.

    In Tag Team System, your account level is based on your character level, and every character has the same level of your account. If you start a new character, you won't have to run the same quests as they are all the same for each character. However, there might be some conflicting quests that are class related. Class quest is the only quest that may remain in this system which I believe it is not that bothersome.

    I know how many players feel toward Pico, but that's part of plot necessary for each class. In my honest opinion I don't like the way the story narrated as it makes you think it is centered on one player(yourself) when there are many other players go through the same thing. And that poor Fortz gets abused and brutalized everyday just to make happy to evolve your class. So, for this part, it may need to be reworked. Some people may not be bothered about the storyline, but there are players who read every quest details.

    How does Tag Team System work?

    You get a maximum of 3 character slots in dungeons/arena. A player can instantly switch to another character; thus, make connecting combos when changing from one character to another. Connecting skill could be a grab, an airborne attack or a finishing blow.

    Obviously, players won't feel reluctant to try out different classes as they won't have to start from scratch with every new character they create. Also, this will make the action playstyle in C9 more unique as you can combine combos of multiple characters in the same instance. We could also have Ultimate Fury Skill [True] in this Tri-switch mode.

    Things have to be considered when implementing this feature and need to be adjusted accordingly
    • Stamina
    • Resurrection Scrolls
    • Awakening Dragon Mode
    Note that players will still have to gear up each character individually with equipment and skill books as it is now.

    These are samples of Tag Team in Dead or Alive, Street Fighter and Tekken

    Game Guide

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    I like this idea, and I agree that repetitive quests is one of the things that deter players from trying all the different classes we have here. But I think you need better examples of what you want to illustrate to C9 Devs and the community. Check the videos below~

    Orochi Warriors 3 Ultimate

    Dragon Raja M (Skip to 4:20)

    Also, it seems that mobile gaming industry has become more popular than PC/Console games. I can see that there is so much improvement done in mobile games that they even look on par with or even better than recent PC games. Take a look at some gameplay videos below. I wish we get a similar version of C9 for mobile yet with more features. I know the experience will be somehow different.

    Knights of Night

    Rusty Blood

    Heroes of Incredible Tales

    And many more that you can find mostly on Korean App store


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      Thank you for providing pivotal information on the exact interpretation of Tag Team System you provided in the first video. As a matter of fact, I'm a fan of Dynasty/ Samurai/ Orochi Warriors series. I don't know how it didn't come to my mind when I proposed this idea. I also support your idea to create a game for mobiles with a similar structure that C9 is built in.

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    This is the best suggestion ever >.<, Imagine the PVP system with this. hahaha


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      Yep. There will be more creativity in using combos with this system.

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    I'm not a PVP player, but this ideas seem quite interesting making me want to try out too. #hopeitwilbeimplemented.