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[EVENT SUGGESTION] DM Fissure Event to the next level!

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  • [EVENT SUGGESTION] DM Fissure Event to the next level!

    The current DM Fissure is getting boring now. It's about time to take the DM Fissure event to the next level! Make a new DM Fissure event (I'm not saying that you abolish the current DM fissure event as there are still players to need rare books).
    1. In this "next-level mode", make DM stronger, either by make DM's shield tougher (it will require a party to break the shield), make DM's HP similar to Survival R20 boss, and/or increase DM's damage but not to the point where you will be one-shot, it's up to you. The point is to make DM stronger.
    2. Drop will be prare book, I repeat, prare. It can be 1 drop only or depends on the number of party members, whichever is feasible.
    3. It will be held like every 6 months only or only on special occasions/holidays. Again, whichever is feasible.
    4. Only higher level may enter this event, at least level 63, 65, or 67. It's up to you.
    5. Possible to restart the instance once DM has been killed.
    1. Book/s that drops/drop is prare, not rare.
    2. In preparation for Raebin 2nd half and future continents, lol.
    3. It promotes teamwork.
    4. It's challenging...and fun(?)
    1. Only high-level players may participate.
    2. Unless using top-tier gear, this new DM can't be soloed.
    3. Because it's very strong, players may end up frustrated (getting killed many times, taking too long to kill, etc).
    Thank you for reading.

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    - what if only cap level, because it's perfect book.
    - and put restart button both previous dm & bang event.

    hope it will implement it soon (Y)


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      Not everyone got +15 master weapons and Op pay2win. The event is good so please...


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        I got your point. But consider the actual event the most appreciated by the whole community. It must remain as many time as possible per year because even after 3 year of intense farming a lot of us still didn't got their desired books.

        I can't agree more that we do really need new challenges. But actually some players even at lvl 67 struggle to take down Quaroff. Getting a more harder DM boss will bring a lot of frustration to players that actually already have hard time with weak PVE class, and it will bring more segregation toward them.

        We already have Bardiel seal that is really hard for an average team, and what with it? there is no challenge for team like i have, it's just a boring dungeon you spam again and again almost without hope to get your books. A lot of team did 500+ run and still waiting for the day they won't have to do that map anymore. On the other side, weak PVE classes keep being rejected for that dungeon, because too many player only accept guardian and illu, sometime elementalist, or maiden, but no more.

        We have ancien arena that is designed for OP player, and actually too much hard imo, The challeng is too high and player just gave up on it.
        We have NM, that was designed to be done with a team, I fought a lot to show people how this can be easy to do it with the right equippment and the right team. what happened to NM? "looking for NM party, only +15 weapon".

        All this to say that I really do agree High end geared player deserve some new challenge, but we have to be careful not to bring more frustration to the community instead of providing them more fun. Because if the challenge is high, only OP player will do it, accepting only OP players, and that will put the gap between average and OP player more bigger than it is actually.
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          90% classes strugle againts quaroff without rare/perf books and 12+ 65 weapon


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            I actually support Kuya's suggestion to some extent. Meaning that it can be held less frequently e.g. seasonally. Whereas the current dimensional fissure event can be done more frequently. I would slightly disagree on making bosses deal more damage, but they may have more HP + regenerating shield. Also, they need to remove Okapia bosses for players whose level 65+. There is really no need to waste more resources just to combine level 50 skill books in order to get better books e.g. Lv. 57. We know that Okapia Skill Book set has become obsolete. Even new players notice that because they are simply being to focus on Sarad/Raebin book sets instead.