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  • New PvP mode

    The idea is that to have the dev take the time to develop once, and have most out of it.
    When you go ahead and create a room, you will have option to create "Custom" room. This Custom room, will let you pick little more detail for PvP.
    FFA, TEAM, Friendly Fire... and dev can decide to add other mode in the future.
    Maps are current maps that we know of in stages and in town. While some maps are really not for PvP at all, it's up to users to find what's good and play those.
    We all have odd preference, some of us might like some really weird maps.

    1. Survival mode is much like Survival against many mobs + Other player.
    2. Intrusion is just like regular intrusion but with no restriction including POTs and Fury for both party
    3. Destroy Target is where map have some random statues spawned and you get points for destroying it, actually was GvG in c9 long ago.
    4. Capture the Flag, yea...
    5. Regular PvP. just plain PvP
    ..... some other modes i can think of... Defuse Bomb. or just some other mode many FPS games have.

    other details configs include,
    HP amount, CD, Dmg Scale, NPC HELP and so on and few other things the dev can add.
    Some of the ways Dev can put this configuration is to have buff item spawn and auto picked up by users.
    HP increase, decrease, CD increase/Decrease, DMG scale increase/decrease, and other things if they can add.

    Giving player as much configuration power as possible when creating a Room will ultimately give more contents for players to play with.

    instead of creating new PvP mode like Apocalypse, or Zombie mode....
    My hope is that they remind themselves that key to good programming/project is to have it object oriented.

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    +100 for Friendly-Fire, that option should be available to death-matches as well; But I can't help but wonder how the AI of pets & traps would be worked out in such case.

    I'd rather have Webzen add an All-vs-All death-match instead, and leave players the choice of teaming up on their own (Like they did with Apocalypse).

    "Destroy the target" and "Survival" suggestions are just plain awful, sorry but you got too carried away.

    However; this thread is a good start, you should start expanding on how each one of them could be implemented while maintaining class balance.

    For instance, the Arena intrusion could have a Guardian use a 30 second iFrame cutlet and then go on Ultimate Fury. Capture the flag would give most advantage to running classes like Assassins and Battle Maidens.

    P.S. Now that I think of it, all modes you suggested are just ridiculously silly; don't bother expanding on those.
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    • Rbels
      Rbels commented
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      Like I said above, idea is to have least work for dev, but get most out of it, giving player to make custom pvp mode.

      Destroy the target or RTSRPG.. or moba depending on whom you ask, currently have largest gaming population in the world.
      So while it might sound stupid, someone would play.

      Capture the flag, player always have choice of what to do, and like most capture the flag games once you hold the flag, the player would loose all the ability to use skill other then simple walk, after de-buff. So I would think it would be more or less fair.

      depending on the mode if you would spend more then few sec on each mode, people should beable to come out with ways to balance it for most classes.

      As a rule, when given ideas first always think of why it would not work, then find a way to fix that. Once you have done that few dozen times you will have a truly good idea.

    • Tmystery12
      Tmystery12 commented
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      usually, to a capture flag they should only do 1 thing to solve that problem of runners.
      When someone pick the flag, he got all skills blocked, that means his team should protect him after he pick the flag.
      If he die while have the flag, the flag auto teleport back to the main spot.

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    +1 to the flag style like tower defence type / like the one in cabal nation war


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      Stop asking for new PvP mode, New classes, rebalance, nerf or WHATEVER, this game is DEAD. And it will never be alive again, BDO and BNS are out in a few months.


      • ThyRebornethSmash
        ThyRebornethSmash commented
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        He's just scared the game might change a lot for the better and he'll be out of touch, so he just wants it to die down.

      • Enji
        Enji commented
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        Neither BNS or Black Desert will cause C9 to die because all of those 3 games are totally different.
        BnS is like world of warcraft with better combat and fancier graphics, Black Desert is like a sandbox c9 and C9 stays the niche dungeon based game that is secretly one of the best mmos ever made but nobody ever heard of it because webzen does not like advertisements.

      • Rbels
        Rbels commented
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        Stop commenting on games you think it's already dead