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[Reposted] Suggestion to improve management of Friend/Block List

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  • [Reposted] Suggestion to improve management of Friend/Block List

    Originally posted by Morieren View Post


    The whole thing is about improving our Friend/Block list. Friend list - I have nothing to add. But "Community/Block" tab mechanism could be improved in such a way it remembered the blocked players names despite our changing / switching between characters.

    What I mean is that as long as I can understand - and I am totally for OLD-SCHOOL roleplaying and keeping things IC (inside character) - I think it would be just more feasible and technically easy for all players to have such block list mechanics applied in this way. I would imagine, that Webzen's official standing on WCOINS reselling and speculative practices in this area is firm and permanent and haven't changed since I last bought my WCOINS. Back then, it was frown upon that players would buy them coins from some shady dealers for cheaper prices and not "support" Webzen in this manner. Please understand, that I am totally okay with supporting legal game and its developpers with my hard-earned money buying WCOINS directly from officially approved sources and not some aforementioned "shady dealers...

    ...who just so happen to advertise themselves through SPAMBOTS inside the game. Now, it is completely separate issue that such bots should be banned (and as far as I can see - they are, because the names of the bot-chars are going offline and never come up again), but this is another issue that I don't like my chat being SPAMMED by them... so I use the block list. Still, when I switch to my secondary character, I have to add those same names again... And imagine that someone could have something like 4-6 characters who they like to play equally frequently, what then? They should add those same names 4-6 times over again? With the block list mechanism I am proposing, this would be done only once :-)

    Thank you for reading,

    PS. And please, don't give me crap about "they won't do it if it's not money making..." - I wouldn't care less, I am just trying to get something nice done here, as does Seraphiel AFAICS...

    PS2. Actually, it is money-making, but anyhow...

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    And they should finally give us the option to block from the right-click menu, without copying+pasting+clicking block.
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